Soft Girl You Can’t Keep A Man That Doesn’t Want to Be Kept No Matter How You Softly Try

Ey man

Kevin Samuels and all these women who done turned femininity into a sword to cut down, degrade, and separate themselves with their noses in the air against other black women even though they still get treated the same way by toxic masculinity.

Toxic Masculinity cannot and will not be “tamed” by being “soft”.

A woman cannot change a man and a man cannot change a woman.

We as INDIVIDUALS are only responsible for CHANGING OURSELVES when we are READY to.

You can be the greatest. You can be beautiful, smart, have a cold body, cook your ass off, dress your ass off, be soft in nature and spirit, be a rock that that man can depend on…..

You can be all these amazing things but if that man is not capable of seeing you and the greatness that you are, if he isn’t in the right space, if he isn’t even sure who he is, if he isn’t ready to see it he will not appreciate it and he will do him. That is not on you!

I really hate when y’all spread this message of doing all these things or being all these things to “keep a man”.

Half the folks spewing this nonsense can’t even keep a man.

If I got to live my life being worried about keeping someone then I am not LIVING.

If a man is READY he will show up and be what he knows that HE DESERVES TO BE so that he can show up FULLY AS HE IS FOR YOU!

Ladies, it has NOTHING to do with you!

That’s HIM.

I say all that to say as I said in December and I’ll keep sharing this theme:

Choose you in 2023!

Don’t let NOBODY play with you!


Take care of your mind, body, and spirit!

Be so in love with the love of God in you! Let your light shine bright!

So bright that it will spook off the ones that want to diminish it and attract to you the one that’s going to want to always see you shine!

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