Yoga Challenge Accepted

I just love Yoga with Adrienne and Benji is a WHOLE MOOD!

I am accepting the 30 day yoga “Center” challenge and I want you all to start this centering journey WITH ME!!!!

So, grab your yoga mats, come as you are, and let’s get MOVING!

Movement is vital to your overall WHOLENESS. Mind, body, and spirit. As I take this social media hiatus I have realized that I have missed out on so many things that I truly enjoy doing and with my hectic schedule I literally wasted a ton of time scrolling.

Y’all I have REALLY been turning pages again during idle times and on my breaks. Since the weather is changing and feeling a little nice, I’ve been going outside on lunch just to get outdoors.

The true testament will be finding time to get the garden started this year. I am late once again. This year later than ever but I am determined to get things going this weekend.

All that is left is working out again like I love to do and doing yoga.

So, I went to searching on youtube. Ok not really all I did was typed in “Yoga With Adrienne” because she always has my back! It was late and I wanted a bedtime yoga routine to calm and relax my muscles and ease my body back into motion.

I found just that!

Do this nightly right before bed. I promise you it is E V E R Y T H I N G!

Movement is vital to our overall wellness. Our Lymphatic system depends on it to assist in drainage as it is not an automatic system.

Stretching is also important for mobility. It’s so important as younger adults that we realize the importance of stretching out our hip flexors. You really snooze you will loose it. If you don’t stretch you will see as you age your movement and mobility will deteriorate and you will walk around looking like a penguin.

It’s quite painful in your hips to lose flexibility. Stretch those areas and your arms and shoulders as much as possible.

Go to a chiropractor as well! We don’t realize how pain in our joints and depression and anxiety are linked together. When we are in pain we are miserable. We then project that misery out in the world and onto others that we know and love.

You see the connection? Movement is vital to our overall wellness, mentally, physically, and spiritually.


I really hope you join me on this journey! I want to hear all about how you all feel in a few days! I absolutely will be advising you all.

Releasing social media already has been a plus.

The only downside that I am not going to be worry about is promoting my business. Already I’m coming up with an alternative for this.


I want to close this blog out by introducing myself once again.

“Allow me to reintroduce myself….my name is LOOOO!” or whatever Jay Z said lol

I’m Kilo Sade and I am an herbalist and owner of Kilo Cares a holistic brand that uses words and herbs to help transform your mind, heart, and spirit to seeing the light and connection with nature through herbal remedies, wellness tips, skin/hair products, and blogs.

My shop is located on the blog but here is the link:

I sell everything from Herbal Teas, Tinctures, Hair Oil, Supplements, Body Products, and so much more.

I also make jewelry but I have taken a step back from it to focus on building my brands awareness and just life.

I have recently went cold turkey and eliminated social media as I have had a social media addiction since I was a teenager. It was my outlet and way to connect with people and hide from the world so to say.

I no longer want or need it.

However in this day and age with technology advancing and businesses utilizing social media to grow, well I can’t.

I need you.

I need you to spread the word and message of Hey Kilo.

My job as a blogger is to be completely transparent with my journey as I continue on through this life.

I am me. Through and through and I value my authenticity. Some days you’ll get a wellness blog, other’s you will get me ranting, some days I’m in tears. As I go through the motions you will know.

Healing is no linear objective. At times it is all over the place. I wanted my blog to reflect that.

Spread the word about Kilo Cares. Interact with me. Leave comments, which I see and respond to often but I’m not sure if you all can see my responses. I hope so.

I love engaging with you all.

My goal for the next few weeks is to blog once daily and also to include more herbal tips and recipes as we go.

Gardening is on it’s way!!!! And city market runs.

I’m not vending as much on the weekends anymore because I’m dedicating a lot of time to being with my kids and going to their activities.

Being more present.

Ok time for WORK. Sending you all love.

Meet me tomorrow on the yoga mat. Today’s objective is to get to the gym after work. Pray for me. I don’t know where this gym anxiety has came from because I used to love going. Now I cringe at the thought of entering the doors. Been paying for my gym membership for the last two years and I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been. WHEW. I’m going to force myself to go today. It’s needed.


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