Skin Deep

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Let’s not only love the skin that we are in let’s support and understand it!

My skin care journey has been an up and downhill battle of INNERSTANDING. I just can’t put anything or everything on my skin.

I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but my products are just IT for me. I can’t use anything else except Bari Butter from FOIETC! So BOMB!

Other than that it’s all Kilo Cares baby.

Skin Deep to me means realizing it’s not just about what we put on our skin but also what we eat and drinks that defines the health and wellness of not only our skin but of YOU!

I really want folks to not just worry about the vanity aspect of health and wellness. Beauty is nothing if you are unhealthy. I know a lot of “models” who are dealing with diseases. Wellness has and should have nothing to do with how we look.

How do you feel? How healthy are you?

Your skin tells a tale.

In 2010 when I was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis I know for a fact I was extremely unhealthy. I was small in frame but I ate whatever. Tons of foods that were not in alignment to my health and wellness.

It took that diagnoses as well as being diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and later Graves’ disease for me to take my health into my own hands.

I had to have a reality check with my habits.

My dermatitis was a very extreme case.

I broke out all over my face, scalp, neck, chest, and back. It was extremely painful and it looked awful. I was very embarrassed.

No other products worked. I felt helpless. I began to study products, what they were made off, and from that wisdom I began to create products to help with my skin issues as well as my sons eczema.

However the external products alone weren’t the solution. I had to confront our diet as well.

I began an anti inflammatory diet for the both of us to help support our health.

Results from the external products took time, knowledge, as patience. The nutrition aspect with discipline helped tremendously as well.

The best way to support your skins health is through support of your blood.

Our skin serves as a protective barrier from harmful UV rays, pathogens, and bacteria. It also serves as a waste eliminator and that’s the thing I think folks forget.

As much as our skin protects, it ABSORBS, and EXCRETES.

What you eat and what you put on it matters as these things always find their way into your BLOOD and if it’s in the blood it’s affecting your liver.

Do the best way to support your skin is to ensure the health and vitality of your LIVER.

What’s the best way to support your liver?

Well nutrition and moderation.

Exercise, eat right, and DRINK ALCOHOL RESPONSIBLY!

Fatty Liver Disease and obesity go hand and hand.

While there are herbs that can help support the liver there are herbs that can negatively impact it too. Medications as well.

Herbs that I tend to avoid are kava kava, black cohosh, & comfrey due to their tannin constituents.

Over the counter pain meds like acetaminophen and niacin with daily use can negatively impact your liver. If you have chronic pain, my suggestion would be to CHANGE YOUR DIET to an anti inflammatory diet to help mitigate the over influx of inflammation your body is producing.

Regularly exercise, lose weight, and drink water.

Alcohol and sugar in heavy consumption can weaken and kill your liver.

Take back your health through wellness and HABIT REALITY CHECKS!

Good health in 2023!

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