I Can’t Please Everyone

I’ve been heavy on number 5 lately.

I saw a video from a licensed therapist that basically said “stop apologizing” and say “thank you” instead.

And I was like, “huh?”

It made me ask myself am I am over apologizer? Hell yes I am!

I say it all the time about everything and I’m trying to see why I do this. I started to think back to WHY I do it to begin with. I shouldn’t be sorry for being busy.

I believe this stems from my habit of people pleasing in a way. I say it TOO MUCH.

I’m currently working on this.

I can not please everyone.

I have a very hectic schedule. In addition to that, other people really don’t value your time as long as you’re fulfilling their needs.

In this video I love how she says, “you can’t light yourself on fire to keep someone else warm.”

That’s so real. People really put themselves first as they should. I’m going to start doing the same. I always put myself last. Then say sorry to folks like I don’t have enough going on.

I even apologized yesterday for sleeping and relaxing and not being available to talk to someone. Why should I apologize for resting? Why even explain myself?

I find myself giving reasons why I can’t do something when all I should say is, “thanks so much for thinking of me but I can’t today.”

If I’m late, “thanks so much for waiting on me I appreciate you.”

Yeah I’m so done apologizing. I’ll say thank you. I’m done apologizing for being ME.

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