Had to improvise… kids must have got to the damn sticky notes…..

I really want folks to get back into the practices of studying and research. Don’t just take “expert” opinions to heart when it comes to your life.

When it comes to LIFE the best way to see if something is or isn’t for you is through application.

Don’t just talk about it BE ABOUT IT.

I had to check myself today.

I can either make excuses or I can show up and show EFFORT.

There is no easy way to your finish line. It’s going to take you showing up to finish your race! YOUR RACE. You alone. You’re not in competition with anyone but YOURSELF.

I talk myself out of a lot of things. I give up at times on myself too easily. This morning I came up with the idea to draw I am…. And add sticky notes to it every day to silence any self doubt thoughts that trickle into my mind.

Today, I am PRESENT. I am PRESENT FOR ME. I feel I show off so much for so many others just to be told my efforts or half ass. And you know what, maybe they are right. Maybe I can’t show up for them because for a long time now I’ve been neglecting showing up for myself.

I have to show up for ME FIRST. As we all do. We can’t feel any type of way about anyone showing up for themselves. We have to allow things to just naturally BE.

I ask you all now in what ways can you show up for yourself today?

Today I did Pilates F I N A L L Y. It’s been so long since I’ve challenged my body the way I am now. I’ve always been a very fit person but the last year has been so up and down I let myself go. NO DAMN MORE!

I am showing up for ME.

Currently sipping on my Ginkgo Herbal Tea. With Turmeric, black pepper, and a pinch of peppermint.

Life is as good as I make it.


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