Don’t Take Days off

I literally listen to this every morning on the drive in to work.

You only cheat yourself when you make excuses. Period. You’re the only one that is directly affected by the excuses you make.

If you want excellence all around in your life, you have to DO THE WORK. Everything that’s yours is yours you just have to reach out and grasp it.

I’m convinced that everything that we truly yearn for will require our discipline and consistency.

If you want your business to thrive, well you have to put in that work. You want that degree, well you have to put in those hours.

You want that best selling book, well you have to isolate yourself and get to studying and writing.

Whatever you want out of life will require your FULL ATTENTION. No distractions. No days off. No matter what it is.

Excuses at this point to me are doubts accomplices. They come in and keep you from achieving your goals. They are you enemy. Period. Instead of making an excuse make a commitment. You might wake up late today, cause I did, but sometime TODAY, you still have to do what you were supposed to do had you got up at 4am. Ok? Ok!

We got this guys! Keep striving for the excellence that you already are! Show up daily for YOU!!!! Don’t cheat yourself!

Don’t take days off!

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