The Object of the Game (Random Thoughts)

I really wish we put more emphasis into healthcare and wellness from the aspect of WHOLENESS versus just looking good. That would be something like right though.

Just imagine if we weren’t so fixated on a fat ass and we put our minds towards overall wellness and naturally strengthening our immune system, we probably wouldn’t get as sick as we do.

The more I think about it, if wholeness was the goal we would hit a lot more of our wellness and physical needs because we have trained our minds to not over indulge but to be healthy.

That will then reflect outwardly on our physical and internally on our mental. We would look and truly feel better.

We have to get our minds right.

Lately I’ve been going through parenting woes with my oldest son. It’s hard being the active parent the one that’s physically there through the highs and lows. He’s a great kid. He has issues like most of us had as teens.

There is a disconnect for sure. With God and time we will get through it. I refuse to give up. I also will never sugar coat life to anyone.

There is no easy way through life. You want it, you work smart and you work hard. That’s life. You want what’s right, well, you do what’s right plus some.

I feel this younger generation doesn’t really value the importance of hard-work, discipline, and determination. They struggle with it because we have made it so they don’t have to work as hard as we have had to.

I hear it from all my friends and I say it myself, “our kids will not endure what we had to go through.”

And we work our asses off to ensure that our kids don’t have to struggle.

It’s a slap to the face however when those same kids do not appreciate the struggle that we have endured just so that they wouldn’t feel it.

It’s a constant up and down battle because you still want to hear and understand their feelings too.

The object of the game is to get and keep your mind right, your wholeness is depending on it.

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