Silver Linings

I recently got to go to Career Day at the Kansas City Girls Preparatory Academy and talk to some amazing young ladies about herbalism and living a life full of authenticity.

It felt so good and I was thoroughly surprised to hear how wise their young minds were when it came to just being themselves.

One young girl sat before me and told me of all her trips to foreign lands and about learning about diffevent cultures and how it shaped her spirituality. We both said, “they are all so similar” in unison. How can we say ones way of living is not real or true to them.

I came to teach these young ladies but ultimately learned a lot more about life and myself.

Lately I’ve been going through some changes. This new shift has empowered me in ways that I haven’t felt in a very long time.

While so much around me is changing I’m feeling more creative.

I’ve declared this the, “Get out of my way” Season.

If it doesn’t continuously add joy to my life I no longer want it.

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