Long Live The Bees

So, I got locked outside my house today…..

The best stories start off like this right?! Lol

So, yeah I have the largest beehive in my front yard right now and it’s soooo cool! Thankfully it’s just honey bees!

This is literally the first time I’ve ever saw an active beehive in my life! How lucky is that? And look at all the clovers!

Spiritually beehives have been associated with luck and fertility. Bees are a sign of good luck and prosperity! I need all that as I take a venture into revamping my business which by the way brings me to my revamped social media presence!

Every Wednesday Evening at 7pm CST on Instagram!

I’ll be teaching a new live show on my new Instagram account! Wire Wrapped Wednesdays will be all about jewelry making, crystals, color theory, and so much more! Tune in, learn something, and make something!

I believe this beehive is a sign from The Most High that all my new ideas are birthing and all my hardwork is about to pay off.

For that I am grateful because I have literally been putting in so much work!

Beekeepers told us that this happens often when another female bee is born in a hive. One of the ladies has to get kicked out. In their attempt to survive some of the hive will branch off with the new Queen Bee and regroup until a new home location for the new Queen in town can be formed!

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