What’s Stone is For Me? Zodiac Edition


Choosing healing stones has to be my favorite past time activity! I love Crystals! I mean DUH I am a jewelry designer!

And I choose to work with stones that are purposeful!

I compiled a list of stones and wrote out some words to help folks see what stones are perfect for them and their zodiac sign.

Doesn’t matter if it’s your sun, moon, or rising, check these stones out and let me know if they are just right for you? You’ll be surprised to find that you’re already naturally drawn to them!

1. Aries


Element – Fire

Contrary to the Western Calendar, they are the FIRST sign of the Zodiac! Represented by the Head!

Natural born leaders, thinkers, & our favorite “know it alls”.

When balanced, they are a manifesting powerhouse. Unbalanced they can be prone to headaches, mental illness, and hedonism, and stress. Thus, why grounding & heart chakra stones are essential to help keep their head and heart open and at peace.

No matter if your Sun is in Aries or like myself, your Moon, these things could affect you one way or another.

For love, keep Aventurine on deck to help balance out the flow of give and take.

For stress or anxiety keep not only Red Jasper but amplify it with Clear Quartz.

2. Taurus


Element – Earth

Whew, my loves. They love deeply and they are going to feed not only your belly but your heart and soul.

One of my favorite Earth Signs, Taurus loves the finer things in life and they are not afraid to work hard towards their dreams and goals.

Wise, homebodies but at the same time they love traveling around the World. They have this ability to make every place they go feel like home.

It’s only natural that their stones will be reflective of their charm and personality, flashy yet still down to earth.

3. Gemini


Element – Air

Gemini’s are masters of excelling in creativity. Whatever their passion is they put their all into it with tenacity and determination.

They are loving, reliable, gifted, intuitive, curious which aides in their success. That and they are great communicators and excel in fields of education, hosting, and public speaking.

Keeping stones like blue lace agate and aquamarine will prevent you from biting your tongue and speaking your mind and heart with tact that will help be receptive by others.

4. Cancer


Element – Water

What sign is more loving and caring than that of a Cancer? Libra almost, I said almost.

Cancers are loving, loyal, fun, full of energy, and able to effectively communicate their emotions as long as long as they have release their victim mentality.

Which is why stones of the heart helps to eliminate self victimization, self pity, and allow them to be able to take their pain and turn it into purpose.

Cancers remember, it’s ok to be vulnerable, vulnerability is not a weakness.

5. Leo


Element – Fire

Of course everyone of Leo’s stones would stand out just like their asses. They are the self appointed leaders of the zodiac.

Overly confident, loyal, determined to succeed in every endeavor they go after, confident, sexy (my Husband of course), and fearless.

When there is doubt within them, stones such as Iceland spar or sunstone, which is an honorable mention, will come in and unblock any blockages to your solar plexus and align you back to your confidence.

6. Virgo


Element – Earth

No one is more skillful, determined, hardworking, and successful than Virgos.

The greatest thinkers, charismatic, charming, and talented beyond measure in any endeavor they pursue.

Virgos embody drive and determination. These stones help to amplify that passion (carnelian), prosperity (green jade), wisdom (Smokey Quartz), and clarity (lapis lazuli) to make all their dreams come true.

To be honest, Virgos don’t need the stones, or anyone, we need them lol.

7. Libra


Element – Air

Every stone represented will help Libras make up their minds lol.

Once a Libra knows exactly what it is they want to do in life though, they are a force that can not be stopped!

Loving, loyal at times to a fault and to the wrong people, Libras are my favorite people.

They are wise beyond their years, gifted, and charming.

When the scales are balanced absolutely everything will go in their favor.

These stones help to amplify gifts they already carry but come in handy when unsure (labradorite), needing clarity (sodalite), or feeling low on passion and creativity (red agate). Amplify it all with clear Quartz.

8. Scorpio


Element – Water contrary to popular belief. Why folks think emotional Scorpios are fire signs I will never understand.

Have you ever held a conversation with a Scorpio or stopped them from knocking someone’s head off?

Yeah, that ain’t fire baby that’s emotional water. And it’s either calm or a raging valley River.

Trust me I know some of my favorite people are Scorpios and my rising is Scorpio and there is no 0 baby they, we, just gone GO!

However, this emotion makes them the most relatable, loved, trustworthy, and reliable people in the WORLD!

Grounding and protective stones to keep them at peace and to protect them from people and their stupidity and stones that help them find peace and calm in their minds (Smokey Quartz)

Love them, don’t try them. At all.

9. Sagittarius


Element – Fire

Maybe you all get Scorpios confused with Sags cause this is the true fire and it’s not temperament. It’s determination.

Sags are some of the most determined people I know.

They are determined to win. By all means, or all cost. And they want everyone else to win. However, they have to realize they can not lead, pull, or help everyone. Not at the detriment of their own goals and dreams.

Stones like Mahogany Obsidian and Mookaite help to balance and protect you from opportunist while still engaging you to push through and amplify your passions.

Sharp with their tongues, stones like Amazonite (heart) and blue lace agate (throat) help you to speak tactfully from the heart with love.

10. Capricorn


Element – Earth

Where If Taurus (the ultimate nurturers) and Virgos (the most successful) had a love child it would be a Capricorn. They are the best of both the other Earth signs.

They are balanced, out the way yet still on the scene observing, chill, low-key successful, and cooler than the other side of the pillow.

Caps no cap, are truly, their own Goats.

They flow to the beat of their own drum.

Of course they’ll be drawn to earthy stones that further support their chill mood and aura.

Aaliyah was a Capricorn…. Need I say more?!

11. Aquarius


Element – Air

The Innovators. The Great Thinkers. The Ultimate Philanthropist.

Aquarians are the sign of the times and the future. Future forward thinkers indeed.

When living in flow Aquarians are change-makers in their respective fields. Progressive thinkers, highly intuitive, and lovers or nature and the arts when in their element.

However out of all the air signs they can be prone to needing to withdraw from society often to recharge and rebalance. If they don’t they’ll be aloof, frustrated, stressed, moody, and painfully hard to be around. So, when they retreat, don’t worry just let them.

Stones that help these airheads recharge are amethyst, blue obsidian, celestite, and moonstone.

12. Pisces

Last but never least


Element – Water

The last and final sign of the Zodiac, Pisces are the epitome of compassion, love, reliability, and sensitivity. Yes, they are sensitive people but it’s not a bad thing. Just something they learn to come to terms with as they grow and evolve.

It’s their compassion that is their strength but for a while they go through life hiding this aspect of themselves. Which they shouldn’t.

It’s your compassion that helps you soar higher in all your endeavors.

Surround yourself with love and watch that love be reflective all around you.

Stones that help to protect them and amplify their discernment (black tourmaline) will prevent them from energetic leaches that will attempt to use your compassion against you. They are the fools to think your sweet nature will make you an easy mark. Where you’re passionate you can snap, crackle, and pop when provoked. One will be wise to remember that.

So, what’s your sign? Do you have any of these stones already? Let me know in the comments!

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