We Can Not Speak For God

Problem is, we don’t see ourselves as multi dimensional beings.

All we see is what’s on the surface level.

We are more vast than that.

Folks won’t understand how crystals or herbs, or anything within themselves can help heal themselves because they don’t even know who or what they are. Nor what surrounds them.

Energy is everything and it is around and within everything that is living and/or natural.

Not man-made, but natural. Natural, as in what God created naturally. What can not be explained besides it’s naturally here and has always been here.

That includes crystals and herbs.

We don’t worship crystals and herbs. We understand that God created the herb and the crystal and the stars and the heavenly bodies, and we know that they are all connected with us as we are to it. We are ALL apart of Gods mental creation.

There are energy fields, or auras, that surround us, and all other living and/or made naturally of the Earth.

The Northern Lights are more visible now as well as auras around people yet people still refuse to connect the dots.

I laugh internally when people demonize what they don’t understand, and choose to remain ignorant to.

Know thyself. Realize what and who you are.

I was talking to a lady yesterday who purchased pieces from me. These crystals have power of their own and so do you and I. We draw in and amplify it as they assist with us to find balance or control or healing.

If it’s not for you, then that is fine. Trust me everything is eventual. What you don’t see now you will eventually or you’ll be left behind. It’s your journey. Your right or lack thereof. Knowledge and wisdom that is. I can’t speak for God nor can you. I wouldn’t even try.

I’d never tell someone they can’t or won’t get into heaven. Lol what is heaven when heaven or hell is constructs of your mind?

Learn that your way of living is your own. Your faith is YOUR BUSINESS.

Respect all walks of life without demeaning, belittling, or insinuating others won’t meet God.

We can’t speak for God. At all.

We don’t and will never know God or Gods intentions.

All we need to do is live and love and do our part to heal and love this world that we have taken for granted.

Cherish it every day because we only have one.

We have work to do.

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