New Age Spirituality vs. Religion


“New Age Spiritualism vs. Religion”.

My thoughts on “New Age Spiritualism” is there isn’t anything new under the Sun. The Sun is the root of it ALL. If you don’t understand what I said you either will eventually or you never will. Either or is fine. How you live your life is more important. Whatever you believe in may it help you be the greatest person you strive to be.

I have ran across a lot of “New Age Spiritualist” that are more misguided and a lot of them moreso go into what they go into to monetize off of it but that’s their business not mine. You can say the same thing about some of you alls Pastors, Elders, Priest, Bishops and whoever. And that’s their business. Not mine.

Everything is eventual and typically if you get into something, regardless of the reasons, eventually you will either fall off of it when it doesn’t go the way you want it to AND/OR you will dig deeper into it and watch your life transform or BOTH.

Everything is what you make it. What you pour into it.

Life is all about self-realization. Once one realizes where they are they will figure it out eventually. A lot of people are content where they are too and that’s just what it is. And that’s also their business and ok. We worry at times way too much about the lives and decisions of other’s when we should be moreso fixated on BE-ing ourselves and working on ourselves.

At the end of the day and every day you can be manipulated by someone reading tarot cards or by someone standing in the pulpit with the good book in their hands. IS it their fault or yours?

You are responsible for your own life. Use your own God given gift of discernment. Sharpen that tool that God has given you. Without it you can be easily led astray when you don’t need to be led at all. God speaks to and through you and all around you every day. Are you listening? Are you paying attention?

I let people be and I leave people where they are at because that’s their journey not mine.

My spiritualism and connection with God is my own. Can’t no one tell me what is or what isn’t. I know.

Respect will take you all a long way in life.

Respect people’s faith and beliefs or stay away from them if you are not in agreement with them.

There is nothing new under the Sun.

If you knew the History of Religion and spirituality, the coming of all the ages and all the changes as each age changes and alternates between the signs of the Zodiac you will see and realize that it all is connected. There is no right or wrong everything just is and all it is our way to explain what is happening around us. Our Ancestors knew and know this. We are the ones that are lost.

What you choose to believe is just that a belief. That belief can help enhance your life and you could live it beautifully or you can live in hell believing in whatever you choose to believe in. Passing off your transgressions and making excuses for them instead of accepting and learning from them so that you won’t do it again.

So, New Age vs. Religion….. it’s all the same just many different ways of expressing it. spirit in many of it has just been lost in translation.

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