Self Realization


Self Realization is the solution for literally everything.


How you act.

How you think.

What you do.

How you feel.

How you react.

How you treat yourself.

How you treat others.

Do you have self-control?

Are you honest with yourself about how you feel?

Are you happy? Really happy?!

Do you love yourself?

All of this is self-realization.

And realizing that your answers will adjust and change as you grow older and older. And understand THAT IS OK.

Look at nature.

Every season Trees live to die just to LIVE AGAIN. Flowers too.

The leaves fall, yet the energy of the tree goes back to the roots and every year though those leaves fall that tree is still rooted and standing tall and strong. IT goes through ugly phases through it’s healing just like you and I.

Understand this, it is when you feel your lowest, your ugliest, the most down you’ve ever been that you need to go WITHIN and harness that energy and let it CARRY YOU. Pray, Meditate, Yell, Cry do whatever it is that you have to do.


Watch how tall you stand and watch when your season to bloom comes that outer beauty won’t have shit on the beauty that’s inside of you. Your nature and your love is going to shine even brighter.

Every season is your SEASON! Enjoy where you are within each and every season of your life. Make the most of it.

I had to take time away to self-check myself. I went through so many lessons that I am still taking in. Realizing that I still have work to do and even still I don’t have to submit to the imposter syndrome waiting to be what I already am.


The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. Just ME. And that is and has always been exactly what it’s always been, ENOUGH.

I am enough.

You are too in whatever season you are in.

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