Money will show who bends and who folds and who really is there for you and loves you genuinely.

Money will reveal so much.

Money will make somebody switch up on you FAST.

I’ve seen it so many times.

Money will have people forgetting morals, values, and codes.

Money will have folks jumping ship.

Money will have people preaching what they don’t live just for the validation and the dollar.

Money will have people living different lives. One way publicly another way behind closed doors.

Looking like the Cosby’s to the public but living their reality like the Jackson’s.

The control that money has on people is wild.

Purpose over Profit will really show you who is real and who isn’t.

When you move off of purpose money will flow. You’ll never lack.

If money is your root and your why and your motive yeah, you’ll be successful, but at what cost?

Check Hollywood for proof.

Folks be having all the money in the World and realize how much that money STILL don’t buy happiness and peace of mind.

30 under 30 deaths and drug overdoses proves that.

Mind over Matter

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