The only way you can change the community is to make changes within yourself.

You can’t be on the fence.

You can’t be caught up in drama one minute then being a positive influence the next.

Check yourself.

You can’t be in the middle and instigating situations then hiding your hand.

A lot of growth is SELF AWARENESS and being aware of your own actions in the midst of it all.

No one talks about how lonely growth is.

You really have to shed so many layers of what “you believe you are” that’s just conditioned influence.

The real you really isn’t anything you portray yourself to be.

Growth gets UGLY.

Growth isn’t you growing away from anyone else or cutting anyone off it’s YOU COMING TO TERMS WITH THE INTERNAL WAR THATS GOING ON WITHIN YOU.

The war that keeps you affiliated with thoughts, ideals, and perceptions that keeps you connected with karmic ties and people.

Growth going to have you losing your mind just to find your peace of mind.

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