Summer 2023 Retrogrades & How to Navigate Through The Emotional Rollecoasters

Que in Vivian Green because BABY this Summer is coming in with a retrograde BANG!

Whew Chile I myself may have dropped a few balls already but I am standing firm in voicing my feelings and fears but I definitely need to work on the delivery 🫣🫢🫠🥴

We have a whopping S E V E N planetary retrogrades that are kicking off this Summer with quite a few already sitting our asses down!

And that’s exactly what we should do sit down and relax through retrogrades because contrary to popular belief, they are presented to help us not hinder us!

Basically retrogrades are a way to let us know that yes, it is you, but baby guess what, it’s everybody too! We all could use some come to “Jesus” moments or “self improvement” reality checks right!? Yeah exactly!

So, go with the retrograde flow of thangs and. You only see mass confusion and problems when you over exert yourself trying to fight against them! Ok? Ok!

Now what’s a retrograde for those that don’t know?

Planetary retrogrades occur when it appears that a planet has changed rotational direction appearing to be moving backwards. However, in all actuality, they are just moving slowly. And despite what you think, it in FACT affects us down here on Earth with gravitational pull.

So, when planets slow down then whatever that planet governs, case in point Mercury governs communication & partnerships, then we ourselves should be conscious and aware in regards to those things. Therefore don’t sign a business proposal or get into a relationship in the midst of a retrograde you may regret it later!

Are you following me? Good!

Now, let’s get into the 7 Planetary Retrogrades going on this Summa’23 and see how you can navigate through them!

Pluto Retrograde is now in Capricorn until October 10th. This is a great time to examine areas of our lives where we lean into control instead of FLOW. We are unable to grow if we are holding on to ideals, limited beliefs, and views that keep us closed minded and cut off.

Saturn is in Pisces now until November 4th. If you’ve been feeling like people are letting you down, playing with your time and energy, or playing games with you, it could just be all in your mind. Learn to give not only others around you grace but also yourself. We are all feeling these emotions. If you find yourself wanting to break free of social activity and confusion, take a nice long walk in the park alone or sit by water to calm yourself. Even taking a swim in a pool or lazy river would be great.

Neptune’s retrograde starts today through December 6th creating blocks to our intuition. Everything may not be as it seems. Paired with Saturns return this can cause confusion. It’s truly best to not jump the gun in situations, take time to think things throughly before reevaluating your relationships.

Venus Retrograde begins July 22nd through September 3rd and will make us yearn for affection and feel depleted when we don’t receive it the way we feel we should. This period will be very important for grounding work, stillness, and breathing exercises. Yoga after dark with friends with brown candles is ideal!

Mercury begins is slow walk August 23rd through September 15th adding communication hiccups and ex blast from the past appearances. Don’t fall for the okie doke! Take this time to determine what it truly is that you want in a partner. Don’t settle for less than you deserve and definitely don’t back track to what you have already overcome.

Jupiter starts its slow walk September 4th through December 30th causing us to be more attentive to detail in our plans that we are wanting to bring forward. Especially while still in the midst of Mercury Retrograde, you don’t want to make any sudden moves. Sit still and evaluate and make plans that’ll have longevity.

Last but not least, Uranus goes retrograde from August 28th through January 27th, 2024 and is high time for self care and observation within the winter months. If you’ve been working with the planetary placements and doing your work with the Moon around this time you should be at ease and preparing your seeds to Spring forward.

So while retrogrades get a bad rep, you see that they are actually necessary for us to reach our highest potential. Make the most of this periods and remember that we are ALL in this together.

Now excuse me, I have some apologizing to do!

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