Vending Event Tips


I have done my fair share of vending events and this is what I feel. Doesn’t make it law but it’s my opinion.

I hope this helps other vendors.

I’m extremely selective on where I vend now days.

  1. Because I have a product that I have to speak with folks about. I have to talk about healing a lot, herbs, health, chakras, and crystals.

It’s impossible for me to talk over LOUD MUSIC.

If I’m doing a night event, I limit my inventory to match the event. So just jewelry that doesn’t need much explanation.

  1. When I do an event, I don’t depend on the event curator to bring the crowd. I promote myself to my audience so that my audience knows where I’m going to be.

It’s not about how much you sell, it’s about WHAT you sell.

I have pieces/products that are $50+ and more. If my loyal customers know I’m there they are coming.

  1. With the energy of number 2, I give grace to those who are event curators that are just dipping their toes into the scene.

You have to give events time to grow. You may only sell $10 this week but if you give it consistency and time and your base is coming and others are too, then hey you’ll instantly be a hit.

  1. This leads to 4, find a consistent vending home that folks will know you’ll be there EVERY WEEK. This way your audience isn’t looking for you.
  2. Doesn’t matter how many folks are selling what you got, everyone doesn’t f*ck with everybody. Who is for you will come.

However, that doesn’t mean be places where it puts your business in threat or jeopardy.

What do I mean? I mean, some people are openly watching how you do business in attempt to market or compete with you. McDonalds and Wendy’s do it all the time. While it’s cool it can be deflating when they mirror your pricing. You may need to separate yourself from the event.

There are events I refuse to do anymore based off of this. Not because of the event but due to the patrons.

Competition is cool but you still have to put YOUR BUSINESS FIRST.

My brother Royce Kay told me years ago, “There ain’t no friends in this game IT’S ALL BUSINESS!”

Know the difference between friend or foe. You’ll avoid a lot of heartbreak. It’s been plenty of folks I spoke life into who hate me now. That’s non of my concern.

  1. Yes it’s business but love what you do. If your reward is only financial, you’ll always be annoyed and disappointed. My reward is all the lives I’ve touched and the reviews I receive. The loyal customers who stick beside me. Especially the ones who’s deliveries are going out today because I’ve been going through a lot. I love y’all thanks so much for your love and patience with me!

Other than that do you! The more you put into your brand and your craft the more love and support you will receive.

I let my product speak for itself.

Ok that’s it. That’s all.

Y’all be blessed.

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