We All Need Therapy


Being honest about my mental health is important to me. I believe wholeheartedly that through vulnerability we can save others from enduring pains we have gone through. I encourage therapy.

I encourage holistic living to help mitigate balance throughout your body.

I am not ok but I am fighting through this.

Therapy has been helping a lot. I’m starting EMDR trauma therapy. The starter sessions have shown a lot of promise and I’m excited to see how much it helps as I push through it.

I have memory slips from my past, or blackout moments that I’m trying to remember.

Some are returning.

Grief is tricky. One minute I’m angry. One minute I’m sad. Then I’m ok.

Be easy with people. Be kind. Don’t add more to their load that they can not bear.

Most importantly folks my therapist said that your boundaries don’t need to be explained. They just are what they are.

You have to set your boundaries and stand on them. People won’t honor them you have to stand on them and not budge.

I can’t take on anything else at all. I can’t do anything but work on me right now.

Creating brings me so much joy and vending. It’s the one thing in my life that provides me peace of mind.

Be easy with people man, especially those that you are assume are strong. What is strength? Pushing through pain isn’t strength. Depleting your cup to fill others isn’t strength.

How does strength benefit us when in all actuality it prevents us from facing our pains and just pushing right past them.

The only way is through.

I was talking to my Brother and he said that he thinks therapy makes him weak. It’s so heartbreaking hearing black men think this. It doesn’t make you weak.

Real strength or the closest thing to it is through vulnerability. That’s where peace and your a happiness is.

I hope this brings someone closer to going to get therapy.

People really are going through it yet pretending everything is ok.

It’s ok not to be ok and I stand on that. Do what you need to do to find your peace.

Therapy, yoga, nutrition, exercise, etc.. do what you need to do!

I’m sending you all so much love and light. Just give me grace and time.


Kilo Cares

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