Random Thoughts

All this DIS-EASE is a manifestation of the DIS-CORD and UNBALANCE we have created within our Universe= Earth=home.

All the Universal Laws we violate every day.

What are our core ethics as a SPECIES not as individuals. The vibration can’t just shift with one’s It’ll take many minds in a world where many minds are still closed and conditioned.

I wonder at times how we can claim to serve our many representations of “God” yet still do so much damage to the land, air, and sea that the one God has given us?


Heritage? Culture? Tradition?

Do we realize how toxic most of our habits are or do we close a blind eye to it out of comfort? Toxic to not only ourselves but our Earth.

I’m really sitting here having this harsh reality check with myself.

We live so oblivious to the ALL and the ALL just keeps on adhering to the shift we create.

Then we wonder why so many new illnesses are here.

So much unbalance.

If everything is thought or intelligence why don’t we see?

Personal advances

Generational wealth should not just be financial. Money won’t matter in a World that’s inhabitable or corrupted.

Or at least it won’t matter for all just sum.



Anywhere it exist they’ll always be discord.

I don’t think we conquer fear, we allow it to tranform us and our way of being.

You have nothing to fear for self if you love ALL.

Zen is…..

I sit still and just wonder.

Are your core ethics in alignment with Universal Law?

I’m still working on mine.

We over hype healing…..

We make it look real cute.

Is self balance really capable in a world of discord, imbalance, pain, trauma, etc…?

I just see domino effects all around me. Like that movie, “The Butterfly Effect”.

Where every certain chance occurrence is ironically connected to another outcome.

This is happening every day all day.

We are still universally answering for a lot of iniquities and trauma from our ancestors, today.

It’s going to take more than a few to change the Vibration. Unless it’s only a few remaining.

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