Super Full Moon in Capricorn


Super Full Moon In Capricorn Energy:

  1. Cry about nothing, make shit happen.
  2. Create your OWN inner peace and happiness.
  3. Actions 🗣️ LOUDER THAN words.
  4. Slow and steady wins the race.
  5. What will you need to release to acquire peace within?
  6. Define what success means to you.

I am all about one going in ONE’S SELF and creating their own rituals pertaining to what spirit calls them to do, today is a great day to journal and write out your intentions.

Charge your crystals & set out water to be amplified with the Super Moons energy.

The sign of Capricorn is one of steadiness and assurance. It’s through this energy they are capable of living a life of high reward and success.

How can you add more steadiness within your life? How can you be more disciplined, reliable, and show up more for you?

Card of the Day:

Five of Cups Reversed

Are you half empty or half full?

Whichever way you have the power and control to have a cup that runeths over. Your confidence should never be measured by how others perceive or receive you. Confidence comes from within. Clear blockages to your intuition and discernment through meditation and groundwork outdoors today.

Taking a clearing bath could also help with you finding and holding space for yourself.

Grace and space may be needed at this time so that you can hear your own voice and put your time and energy back into recharging you. You are greater for community only by being greater to yourself.

Happy Full Moon

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