Collective Reading 7/5/23

This reading is giving E L E V A T E. It’s giving I’m releasing my worldliness and I’m embracing my higher self and leaving behind all the chaos that I’ve internally created based off of social constructs and conditioning.

It’s giving real BALANCED living.

Free Your Mind

I’m not sure why reversed cards get a bad name but I love them and feel like through being held upside down we can finally see things FULL SPECTRUM.

Strength in reverse has us redefining what strength truly is to us! Not what we think it should be or what the world says it should be. It’s more than how it looks on the inside and we are going back within ourselves to truly battle our own inner issues to reclaim balance and a sense of peace within.

I swear it’s so crazy I was literally just speaking on this in my previous blog, “Peace Within”.

This is further confirmation that we are in alignment and doing the necessary work within ourselves to rise above this world.

The of Swords reversed further solidifies this by saying all the insecurities, fears, limitations, and troubles are all in your mind and you have the power to release and let go or find peace over them.

Now is a great time to come face to face with anything that you feel is restrictive to you. You can no longer afford to push past it or hide your true feelings. The only way is through. It is necessary for you to face your true inner feelings and desires so that you can elevate and find your true love of self. By embracing your fears instead of allowing them to constrain you.

Three of cups indicates that you are either at or coming to your full circle moment where through your newfound understanding and love of self you’ll be able to really create a life of pure happiness, bliss, success, and purpose for not only yourself but everyone that you encounter.

When you are mentally at peace within there will be nothing that can stand in your way or block you from being blessed and being the blessing you are intended to be.

Everything positive will flow to you and from you and your cup will never be empty. This is your anointed season of abundance.

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