Understood Now I Understand

Fear from not being liked or being discredited is the real passion folks have behind wanting to be Understood.

I had an epiphany today. And I pulled a card which solidified my thought. My guides are really speaking through me.

So, I had the thought about understanding. One of my issues that I have is with abandonment and not being understood or losing people that I love.

Dissect that for a minute.

It’s crazy how we are ok with losing ourselves and aspects of who we are out of fear of not losing others who don’t even understand you. How can they when you’re not fully showing up as yourself!?

To be understood is a fools quest.

So I grabbed my cards and guess what card I pull?!


And I shuffled the hell out of them!

Yo be understood is a fools quest and I asked myself if your desire or your sadness or your fears in life is rooted to the desire to be “understood” you’re really not living up to your FULL potential of just BEING.

Lol we be so afraid to be FULL OF OURSELVES out of fear of looking like a FOOL to others.

It’s liberty with being a FOOL.

We would rather surround ourselves with folks who falsely love the easy going aspects of you but can’t handle you in your FULL SPECTRUM. Yet we wonder why we keep being disappointed in the people we attract.

Your not living up to full light so you’re only seeing things that connect with a representation of you that you have created out of fear.

How easy it is to be a portion of who you are until you connect with people who only partially rock with the part of you that you allowed them to see.


You created this representative or mask of you now you’re angry that your mask has attracted people that don’t fully connect with you.

You’ve compromised and the result is lacking what you need to fully BE.

We only want to be around “yes men” who pacify you. How can you grow? How can you see all aspects of who you are when you are surrounded by folks that only resonate with a portion of you.


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