Collective Reading for 7/6/2023

If you’ve been doing the work a time of great inner peace is either here or on it’s way to you. Trust that the Universe has your front, back, up, down, and in between.

This was a very RIGHT ON TIME reading for not only myself but everyone.

A very reassuring message from our guides of benevolence that we are surrounded by those that want to see us flourish and prosper and be the light we were designed to be in this world.

The Wheel of Fortune is a reminder that what we put out into the world is exactly the energy we shall receive so make sure your being mindful of the energy you possess and give/feed into.

It also serves as a reminder that there is no need to worry about anything when we are living and walking within our divine power of love. With love all things can and will be supplied.

There is always going to be constant change happening all around us and there will be times of confusion and periods of disconnection when we are learning to lean within ourselves instead of others. The ten of cups reversed is a reminder to give everyone grace through those moments especially yourself and your loved ones.

Where the wheel of fortune reminds us that the wheels of time keep spinning and that change can happen abruptly and swiftly, it’s vital that we take note of our interactions with those that we love. What we say to them, how we treat them, and what they mean to us.

It’s so easy to just cut folks off and “match energy” but what about love? Love can’t exist where pettiness resides or misery or envy. We have to learn how to pick and choose our battles.

Is this disagreement worth losing the person(s) that you love? Is this disagreement really that big of a deal? Is saying that worth hurting them?

During times like this it’s best that we identify why we are bothered and see rather or not it could be something more internally triggering this reaction or stance that you may feel towards others.

From there find a way to control any emotional responses and learn how to listen and hear others out. No blame games. Lead everything from love.

Temperance serves as a soothing finale to this reading letting us know that there is peace after every storm once we learn how to harness our energy in a positive way. Through emotional balance we are able to live our lives more serenely.

Peace is right around the corner.

Love and connection is what we ALL need.

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