Sensuality over Sexuality

Was talking to my Sistar Rosie yesterday on how we really need to get back to embracing our SENSUALITY.

Teaching our daughters how to be sensual and not overly sexual.

Sensuality is a lost art and gets confused with Sexuality because SEX SELLS.

Sensuality is for YOU not for anyone else. Being sensual is embracing you in your most natural and honest state. Loving YOURSELF as you are and feeling the feminine divine energy flowing through you.

Sexuality is searching outside of self for the pleasures that something else can give you while Sensuality is finding all of that WITHIN YOU.

Just imagine if our Mother’s taught us SENSUALITY (well mine did) but just imagine how many of us would really level up our thinking of how we felt about ourselves as women. We would focus less on desirability, and just know that I AM a divine being and I am everything that I need to be.

There would be no low self esteem because our cups are full and we don’t need validation outside of ourselves.

We would be pleased with the changes that our bodies go and grow through from childbirth to old age.

Power is really in women’s Sensuality.

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