Stop Enabling

It’s comical how much folks enable other Adults they call a “friend”.

Etymology of “friend” derived from the old Dutch word “freond” which meant to love or favour.

Quick to say, “Well you know how he/she is….”

YOU DO TO and you coddle it! So you “love” and “favor” a person that’s not shhh because, “that’s just how they are?”

Are you serious? I got checked about this recently and really had a reality check with myself about it.

I’m not making excuses for adults and their behaviors anymore. At all. I don’t care about history. I don’t expect anyone doing it for me.

Exactly that’s why I’m choosing not to deal with anyone that’s not right. Whatsoever! Absolutely no friend of mine. You don’t have to agree. Il will stand alone on this if I have to.

I have many friends from all walks of life and we are all different.

With different views on life.

Values however, are TOP TIER.

One thing we are not is CRUM/CRUDEBALLS, trying to portray ourselves to be something that we aren’t, nor are we the type to sit around and run down folks business, and/or dig out people. That’s been dead.

No, what we are are realist and we see people for who and what they are and we don’t make excuses for them, each other, or ourselves.

Full accountability.

If I fucked up I FUCKED UP. I’m not running to and never HAVE ran to Facebook for my side of events on anything from friend/family falling outs, divorces, NOTHING.

I also don’t have other people’s issues publically displayed for town topic.

Only business I tend to is my own.

What I’m realizing is folks have ideals and attachments that they’ve agreed and made law within their lives that doesn’t align with the way that I and many others see the world.

They aren’t wrong for what they’ve aligned themselves to and I am not wrong from removing myself from the equation.

Everything doesn’t cut it with me now days and I have a slim thin line of patience with ignorance. I don’t have a desire for any of it and I won’t surround myself with it.

People confuse “spiritual” for tolerant and baby I am not tolerant. I hold space and grace for those who come to face with themselves. I will not turn a cheek, ignore, deal with, or tolerate ignorance from NO ONE.

If that makes me a miserable person I will wallow there. Lol

I’m not joining or aligning myself with all these dramas anymore. It’s too much work to do out here. To much healing and evolving to do within myself so that I can be a better person GENUINELY a better person and not for any accolades that none of y’all can give me!

I have my own life, issues, and evolution to tend to.

Tend to yours and stop condoning others behaviors because you really are doing a disservice to them! You maybe the BEGINNING of their path to change, renewal, and self discovery.

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