Counting on Joy: From the Pain of Grief to Hope

In October of 2013, I experienced a profound loss when my Great Great Grandmother, whom we lovingly called Mother Dear, passed away. She had been an anchor in my life, guiding and supporting me in countless ways. However, the pain deepened further as four months later, in February 2014, I lost my Mother to homicide, leaving me grappling with a loss that seemed unimaginable. In 2021 I lost my Great Grand, Mother Dears daughter and this past June, my Dad to Cancer.

Losing those who raised me and shaped my life was an unimaginably difficult process. My grief and pain led me to lose touch with reality, and I found myself in a dark and desolate space. However, through the grace of God, therapy, and a touch of madness, I started to find a path out of the darkness.

Despite the hardships, I’ve experienced moments of resilience and growth. I went through a divorce, endured the departure of people I thought would be by my side forever, and faced other life-altering events. Yet, I rose to meet these challenges head-on. I found strength in my children, found the love of my life, embraced new opportunities, and nurtured my creative passions.

Throughout this journey, I found solace in my passions and talents. I started a business to inspire others to live intentional and authentic lives, and through my blog, I shared my healing journey. Handmaking jewelry became a way for me to express my creativity freely and bring joy to others. The best part of my business has been connecting with people and sharing our stories, paving the way for future dreams.

As I welcome in August, on the brink of new beginnings, I feel hope and determination in my heart. I know that even amidst darkness, there is always a glimmer of hope, and gratitude for the love and lessons that have shaped me into who I am today. My ancestors of benevolence surround me, and I believe that the best is yet to come.

I dream of owning a wellness house—a space that embodies all my passions: art, herbs, healing, literature, and more. A place filled with peace, warmth, tranquility, and love. The vision feels closer than ever, and I am filled with anticipation for the glory that awaits.

Life’s journey is a tapestry woven with joy, sorrow, and everything in between. From darkness to hope and gratitude, I’ve learned that every experience shapes us and prepares us for what lies ahead. As I reflect on my past, I embrace my present with a heart full of hope and gratitude, knowing that the love and lessons of those who came before me pave the way for a brighter and fulfilling future.

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