Ignorance is Bliss

You all know how obsessed I am with the Endocrine System. I believe it is the way to connect with Source and God and is the one thing that those in power want us to lose control of! This World is proof enough of that.

Is it fear or is it just that ignorance is bliss?

Idk I may never know.

The more I learn the more I realize how much we allow ourselves to be played because it’s really IN OUR FACE.

Learning symbolism, studying the etymology of words, deeply studying ancient text, studying the WORD and realizing how we ARE THE WORD in flesh realizing how much more that we are has had me in a space where I truly struggle to connect with those around me.

Like the Warrior in the Toltec principles onlooking the folly and at times indulging because at times we become prisoner to our own thoughts.

Knowing that we feel differently but still act accordingly to what we’ve been programmed to do.

“It’s the mind that they chose. It’s designed to stay closed.” ~ Lauryn Hill

We have to find balance through it all. You can obtain this through discipline and daily practice. Self awareness is KEY!
So many of us on this Earth will die never utilizing the full functions of our brain. That’s sad. Most of us don’t fully breath either due to VANITY. That’s crazy!
Same story told in many variations and we still refuse to see the truth that’s not hidden! It’s right here in plain sight!
Chakras, Kundalini, Adam & Eve, Moses parting the Red Sea it’s the same explanation broken down in many variations explaining the chemical process that occurs in our bodies but we refuse to see it. It’s easier to believe otherwise!

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