We are the Word of Yahweh made flesh.


A quick read by Neville Goddard is “Out of This World” where he breaks down scripture to tie in manifestation and how through our imagination we can create the reality we truly want to BE in the fourth dimension so that it can be reflected here in the third.

It was written in 1949 so we are well out of the third and already in the 4th nearing 5th, yet this is still applicable no matter where you are cosmically. Sorta like in HooDoo teachings that for anything to match in the physical it must be made real and approved in the spiritual realm. It must align.

It’s only 64 pages and you can find the FREE pdf here:

Alchemy is real.

It is our mental pictures that we create and internalize that keeps us from living our wildest dreams not others around us. Our own internalized fears.

It is our self mental limitations that keep us from truly going within and connecting deeper to the light inside of us.

As I continue to break my own mental barriers I will continue to share books, videos, and spark conversations that are helping me.

The work within is never done it takes daily practice.

You have to become a student of life, your OWN life. Forever learning about you and how every day our bodies transmutes itself and how through our actions and inaction we determine rather that’s transmuting positively or negatively draining and killing our selves.

You can not avoid daily practice and/or daily work within yourself.

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