Support Your Blood Pt. 1

I know it’s been a minute! I’ve been in a fog lately, but I’m back to stir up the pot so to say.

I’ve been studying and experimenting on myself because life is the biggest lesson! We are all walking Petri dishes. Our body is really a wonderland of germs and bacteria, organs, and cells just doing their thing.

Every day we go against the grain and cause our body to work OVERTIME to keep us healthy and maintained.

I’ve talked so much over the years about Adaptogens, and the nervous System.

Today, I want to talk about OUR BLOOD.

By supporting your blood you will support your ENTIRE being.

Your blood is what carries oxygen throughout your body to all your vital organs.

What organs purify your blood?

Kidneys, Liver, and spleen.

What do they (Kidneys and Liver) do and how vital are they to your bodily functions?

Our Kidneys filtrate toxins, waste, excess salts, and excess water from our blood and create urine. They help to regulate not only our blood pressure, water retention, but also red blood cell production which are the cells that carry oxygen throughout our body. If the kidneys shut down…. You already know.

Our Liver works to turn the food that we eat into energy that the body uses. It’s a key component of our metabolism. If the liver isn’t functioning correctly it won’t be able to create key proteins and enzymes necessary for not only supporting our digestive and immune system, it’ll affect our energy levels, and affect other organs which will then create DIS EASE.

“The Spleen can be lived without.” My Mother Dear always said, “If you’re born with it, you leave with it. Don’t let them cut on you or cut anything out of you.”

Yes you can live without your spleen but that then adds on extra work to your kidneys and liver to work even harder doing the task they already do plus what the spleen should do.

The spleen removed damaged and old red blood cells while killing off viruses and bacteria. The spleen is the host organ of our white blood cells which are the warriors of the immune system. The spleen is the Trojan horse that stores red and white blood cells and releases them when they are needed. (Ah ha moment)

What can you do to support these organs?

  • Drink water
  • Don’t drink alcohol or other sugary substances as that sugar has to be stored somewhere. This the problematic FATTY deposits on our tummies and other undesirable areas. Sugar is weapon to our veins and arteries. It’s like shards of glass that flows within the blood cutting up our tissues. This causes MASS inflammation throughout the body.

Inflammation is our bodies natural immune response. When we eat things that cause and produce MASS inflammation we self create disease. There’s no other way I can put it.

  • Don’t smoke anything. We shouldn’t be inhaling anything into our lungs.

Smoking DIRECTLY affects the process of creating blood cells in the bone marrow, aka hematopoiesis.

In order for our bone marrow to create blood cells it needs a great deal of oxygen.

Now do what you want. I’m juat laying down facts, as a reformed smoker I could no longer ignore the way my body felt. Even this year, after dealing with the death of my Dad to cancer, I started back smoking.

I had this WEIRD lingering cough that lasted DAILY!

It didn’t sit right with me. And after I smoked for the last time on October 1st, I hopped right on my nutrition and herbal teas for lung support.

I will NEVER smoke again. And I mean that. After a week the cough was subsiding and was completely gone mid month.

There are certain things that also don’t sit right with me:

  1. I question why about a lot of things. Why, after a whole global epidemic are we legalizing cannabis yet there are more and more food desert neighborhoods. The lack of access to food that is of nutritional value is wild to me. Yet you see liquor stores and Dispensaries starting to pop up on every corner.
  2. With Science being as advanced as it is, why aren’t there a ton of studies on the affects of cannabis and hematopoiesis?

Hey pick your poison I suppose. Even the air we breathe isn’t the same. I no longer want to subject myself, voluntarily, to my own demise.

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