What Will You Do the Sun as we know it Stops Shinning?

My coworker asked me yesterday what do I think it’ll take for the world to reset itself.

I said if we let go of our greed, our pride, and we go back to being primitive like the Amish or natives of America or foreign countries who respect the earth.

It’ll never happen. Even though it’ll be the best thing for us because at the trajectory we are going, humanity as we know it will change or cease to exist. Some will rise but a whole lot of us will fall and not be able to inhabit this earth.

It’s happened before and it will happen again. Maybe not in our lifetime but in our future generations.

The Sun that we know and all the stars and constellations will be different than it is now. If it hasn’t already happened and they are hiding the truth. Cause …. I won’t go into that y’all would really think me nuts.

And I’m not.

I’m sober, sick right now with a seasonal cold, but not on any meds or anything.

Y’all living in the final days of the Piscean age I don’t care how many folks claim it’s the age of Aquarius. It’s not. Not yet you will know it cause the world as we know it will not be the same. It’ll be better for those who have risen but it’ll be hell for those who are left behind.

Truly will be Revelations. And not the
Was your pastor says people will utterly lose their minds because the vibration will be way to fast for them because they are stuck in the 3d Adam Man lower vibration.

It’s already happening.

We are ALL still lost. Some of us, including myself, be riding the fence at times. Mindlessly scrolling instead of meditating and going within. Gossiping with friends. Defiling our minds and bodies for pleasure and with anything and anybody.

I’m asking myself how far am I willing to go to rise above this world?

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