I don’t do well with jokes anymore. I’ll be honest. It’s all rooted from something. I don’t make jokes about people that I love and I don’t like being the butt end of a joke from someone claiming that they love me.

Others folks might like it. I don’t. It’s not for me. It’s always been weird. I’ve always just passed it off like ha ha it’s ok. Not anymore.

Now days someone says a joke at my expense for absolutely no reason at all, I go about my life.

I don’t go out my way trying to make people uncomfortable. I have dealt with that all of my life where folks come out the wood works to try to make me feel uncomfortable, for no reason. Just something about me disturbs them enough to just come out of no where with shade. Has happened so many times. Lol

I just want to be.

And I will not be uncomfortable around anyone again in my life. I don’t care who they are.

If the way that I self express or the way that I am tightens your face up or makes you feel some type of way, please stay away from me.

Friend, family, foe. Whoever.

This year has been a very revealing year where I have realized I have been way too passive in my life in a way that’s been very crippling to my self identity. Honestly the last several.

I Feel like this is my Final Cut off of people pleasing.

When it comes to my peace of mind and who I am I will never deal with anyone again.

I’ve had friends who I have loved and stuck by through a lot just cut me off because they didn’t like who I was with and/or they didn’t like my spirituality even though they don’t even know what that is. They just assumed.

Lol I wish I could make it up.

People don’t know anything.

I just take it all in stride. And this isn’t second hand conversation they told me this directly.

Literally the last damn near ten years I have lost both parents, every person who raised me, got divorced, been out on my own, etc… lost my mind trying to find me.

I’m the midst of that was revelations so necessary to my growth and development. I am now renewed and stronger than I’ve ever been.

I asked God to remove all negative cords and it happened.

Still happening.

I love hard.

My love no longer comes at my expense.

Respect me and love me as I am without the side commentary. I do not like it and I do not do others this way.

Respect and love me as I am or stay away from me.

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