Where would I be if it wasn’t for God?

Whew Chile I’d still be so lost looking everywhere else for fulfillment instead of within myself. Grateful I don’t think I could ever say that more enough. People love to assume I don’t believe in God or even Christ. I definitely believe in both just not in the same way that most do. A friendContinue reading “Where would I be if it wasn’t for God?”

Aunt Flo & Her Purpose

Realizing that detoxing shouldn’t be used to help you “slim down” but rather so that your body RESETS and is capable of performing effectively with any herbal regime you intake was a monumental mental breakthrough for me. Our body is capable of naturally purifying itself if it was best supported by us and not givenContinue reading “Aunt Flo & Her Purpose”

Awesome Adaptogens & Fantastic Fungi

Netflix has this pretty dope Documentary on Fungus called, “Fantastic Fungi” everyone should watch!!!! I stumbled on it last night. (The Universe be Working) I have been heavily studying mushrooms and their healing capabilities in class and I’m making some tinctures with Maitaike Mushroom. I have a powdered Immune Support Mushroom blend from Spirit ofContinue reading “Awesome Adaptogens & Fantastic Fungi”