Author: Kilo Sade

  • What’s For Breakfast Can Determine Your Mood

    Did you know that what we eat for breakfast every morning could absolutely affect our overall mood for years to come? You know that nifty link between our guts and our Central Nervous System. So, how do we eat to keep from getting the blues? Studies show that there really is a link between Anxiety […]

  • Spirit (todays download)

    Don’t move on, connect on, or make plans with no desperate or thirsty energy. You don’t have to answer folks right away when they ask you to do something. TAKE YOUR TIME WHEN MAKING DECISIONS! You don’t have to obligate yourselves to anything immediately. That does a disservice to your spirit. Think before doing anything […]

  • Energy

    Stop playing about your energy! Everything is vibrational and the way things are now it’s so easy to get swept up in low vibes! All it can take is a post, a comment, a trigger to trigger you into a lower state of consciousness. Now your energy is affected. Now your mood has shifted. DAILY […]

  • Brittney Griner Needs More Than Prayer

    These governments are playing a very dirty game with this woman’s life. I do not like it at all. I just feel in my body that Russia is wanting something from the US that our government isn’t willing to fork up or do away with. Rather or not that’s in connection with the Trump trial […]

  • Tend To Your Own Garden

    Spirit has been sitting heavily with me on this. Who pours back into you when your cup has been emptied? So often I see budding entrepreneurs get BURNT OUT because they are selling themselves and their dream short! I’ve been there before! So often you’re helping others then when you’re needing the support and assistance […]

  • Random Thoughts 7/25/22

    I’m going to do a podcast on this but I really need to vent a bit. It’s a whole lot so bare with me. I swear spirit be so HEAVY in me. I sense and pick up on sooooo much and I just shake my head because people really will make you out to be […]

  • Friendship Breakups

    I don’t care what anyone says, friendship breakups are much more painful than leaving a man. I’ve left many men in my life and while you think you can’t go on without them you can. But losing friends, people that you have confided in and relied on and loved as they are and vice versa, […]

  • Positive

    I am positive that life goes on Out of sight and out of mind It hurts to know that those you would have lived for quickly find a way to live on without you I am positive that I can tell the energy has shifted Your eyes don’t light up like they use to when […]

  • Off the Grid

    I’ve taken a social and social media hiatus. I’m ok y’all I just needed this time away from all the noise and to focus on my family, my business, and my spirituality. I constantly hear from so many that they don’t see how I have the time to do all that I do. And quite […]