Ladies, Here’s Something You Don’t Want to Hear

Balance does not exist within malicious intent. Peace can not exist where your actions are laced in viciousness. Your Ancestors aren’t here to be your forces of “get back” against folks that you think have trespassed against you. Sitting here wishing ill on anyone may have that shit come back on you X’s 3. NowContinue reading “Ladies, Here’s Something You Don’t Want to Hear”

Rosehip & Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Rosehips have a high concentration of Vitamin C, contain a high source of free radical fighting antioxidants, and a host of other benefits. Due to their high Vitamin C constituents, rosehip is an ideal immunity boosting support compared with elderberry. However it can also be taken as a solo syrup to boost immunity as well.Continue reading “Rosehip & Elderberry Syrup Recipe”