Author: Kilo Sade

  • Herbal Cough Syrup Recipe

    It’s Cold, Flu, & RSV season. Here’s the cold n flu cough n’ cold syrup that I make that is safe enough for toddlers and kids to drink. Toddlers 1 to 2 teaspoons every 3 hours as needed. Kids 2 tablespoons every 3 hours as needed. ONION – (anti-viral, lowers body temperature, and expectorants for […]

  • Takeoff

    Another King taken away from those that love him for nothing. Way too soon. Sending so much love and light to all those that loved him. Our community lacks love, morals, and values. We talk about generational wealth. Well we all keep getting to the bag. That bag means NOTHING without MORALS TO LIVE BY! […]

  • Rise

    You’ll know you’ve learned the lesson when you see yourself in the resolution only and no one else. You can pretend all you want for folks and on these socials but you can not hide what you truly are from yourself and especially not The Universe! It’s going to always adhere to the TRUE YOU! […]

  • Medicinal Mushrooms

    Yes mushrooms are super delicious but they are full of healing properties that are extremely beneficial to our overall health and wellness. I am obsessed with Adaptogenic Herbs and the Endocrine System. Medicinal Mushrooms, NOT hallucinogens, can really help the body adapt to stress or mitigate it. Here are some that I grow and work […]

  • Tired

    I’m going to write a blog on anxiety, insecurities, and relationships. It’s a tough ass battle that many are just too ashamed to discuss. Like myself. Folks who do speak on it are typically the aggressors to dog those with insecurities out which makes it harder for folks, like myself, to cry out for help. […]

  • Yes, Your Gut Thinks and Speaks to You!

    Depressed Gut and Anxiety Gut is a real thing and there are certain foods that you can eat that’ll help to relieve these issues. This doesn’t require you to be VEGAN or VEGETARIAN. Just be more INTENTIONAL with what you eat and drink. There is a link between your Gut and your Brain. What you […]

  • It’s Time

    I couldn’t believe folks were selling the crystals you can purchase from Hobby Lobby until someone actually sold me the crystals from Hobby Lobby. I didn’t say anything or correct them and I really should have. Not to gatekeep but to really advise how wrong it is. It’s not wrong to need to provide for […]

  • Mental Adjustment & Overall Wellness

    It’s all in the mind and gut. Pre and Probiotics literally changed the trajectory of my health. Understanding your gut and the bacteria that can help your gut thrive and the types of foods that you should eat to maintain a healthy gut flora is crucial to your overall health and wellness. Most DIS-EASE begins […]

  • Illusions Gone Away

    Mindset is everything. You literally can BE anything that you desire to be. You literally can DO anything that you desire to do. All you have to do is adjust your mindset. If you WANT better you will DO better. It’s as simple as that. No really it’s just that simple. As we have left […]

  • Retrospective

    It’s been a minute but I’m still here. I feel like I had to take a hiatus for awhile but here I am for some updates. Things have been interesting in a great way. Let’s dive in. Well Mercury Retrograde has came in and really technically and physically disrupted my life lol. I was without […]