Author: Kilo Sade

  • Our Loved Ones Behind Bars need our Help!

    As of today 385 Federal Inmates and 185 staff members have tested positive for COVID19. Do you see those numbers?! That’s alarming! For individuals who’s only contact with the outside world is through their guards and the number is more than doubled in comparison. You can compare the environment of these Jails and Prisons to […]

  • Thank You For Being a Friend…. But are you a good one?

    God, The Most High, The Creator of all life and energy. The infinite source of love and power that flows through each of us! I just want to start off by giving thanks to Thee! I am forever blessed and grateful for the many lessons I’ve endured in my life. The many trials and tribulations […]

  • How the Murder of My Mother Transformed Me

    Mama…. The first name and word I uttered…. My first love…. The first and last person who truly broke my heart…. This pain will probably never ever fade. It’ll never go away. This void will never fill. But Mama…. I have learned to live through it. I have learned to not allow the pain to […]

  • My Love After Heartbreak Story

    Love is crazy…. It’s such a trivial emotion. The highs. The lows. The in-betweens. The feeling of not being able to live without it. The feeling of wishing you’d never encountered it. I’m always in love. But it wasn’t until I truly learned to love myself that I really encountered a love that was intricately […]

  • I had to take a hiatus….

    I had to sit still and just breath. So much going on so much surrounding me. Almost could have made this post into a poem but I really need to release my feelings and if it rhymes at certain points, just charge it to my creativity. The world has truly turned everyone’s, literally everyone’s, lives […]

  • Great Rising!

    I’m feeling hella Pretty this morning just might throw on some lashes and eye shadow for the hell of it! Sending an abundance of love and light you alls way! Let’s get it!!!! It’s Hump Day!!!! I always despised that damn camel commercial. 🐫

  • Pep Talks & Apologies

    I’m never too good to admit that yes, I too at times fuck up. It’s a part of life and I am human. Where a lot of us differ however, is that I am quick to take accountability for my actions and wrong doings so….. Pep Talks & Apologies…. I recently had a pep talk […]

  • Strength is Versatile

    What does strength really look like to you? I guess to answer that we would need to break down the definition of strength. Strength is defined as one of the following (these three stuck out to me, if you want the full definition go to Merriam Webster lol): 1. the quality or state of being physically […]

  • Everyone Needs Someone

    You hear so often within my community that only the strong survive. We are all Strong. We have been surviving for so long. It’s time that my people begin to focus on living.

  • Kids: noun: Definition: Creatures designed to test your Gangsta

    “Don’t let their charming and sweet handsome faces fool you. They are minions reincarnated sent to give me back the hell I gave my parents.” First of all I want to say I love being a Mom. There’s no greater feeling than watching my baby boys grow up and seeing all their characters emerge and […]