Author: Kilo Sade

  • Learn Herbalism With Kilo Sade

    You don’t have to go to an Herbalism Academy or through ANYONE to practice being a Herbalist. Most of the greatest Herbalist I know or studied under were SELF TAUGHT. I invested into myself however because I want to be able to teach and teach BROADLY and ACCURATELY. Not selectively on the few herbs I […]

  • Hey Mama’s, Change Begins Within You!

    Hey Ladies. This blog is just for you. You’re amazing, you’re loved, and you are full of love. This conversation is because Mama’s, you are the hearth of the home. You nurture, you cook, you heal your family, you are the caregiver, and the nurturer. Healing of your home really begins with YOU! By healing […]

  • Mindset

    It’s all mindset for real. You can adjust your mind to believe anything. So, let’s adjust it to focus on what’s healthier and not what’s hindering. Like Butter. People believe butter adds flavor to dishes. When in all actuality it’s the bacteria from butter in your gut leading you to believe this is true because […]

  • Nothing New Under the Sun

    Any time someone tells me my spiritual beliefs are new age I hit them with Historical FACTS. Go look up the Egyptian religion group known as the Copts who were the very first groups of Christians. There were also affiliated with the Druids, and Essenes who also practiced a similar belief structure of ONE GOD […]

  • Summer Hair Yes We Care. Protective Styles That Are So Easy a Caveman Could Do Them!

    Outside of being a Black Beautiful Woman, Wife, Mama, Herbalist, Creator, Blogger, and attempting to be Vlogger, I’m also a Licensed Cosmetologist. Yes, that’s why my hair is always changing like the weather in Kansas City. I’m all about haircare and protective styling. And it’s literally NOTHING that a good ol’ youtube channel can’t show […]

  • Malcolm X

    Malcolm X would have been 97 years old today. It never really dawned on me how young he was when he lost his life. He was only 39 years old when he was assassinated. The other day I re-watched his famous “The Ballot or the Bullet” speech and just shook my head throughout it because […]

  • Christ Is Consciousness

    Ask me why do I say that Christ is Consciousness before crucifying me. (pun intended) I grew up in the Church all types of denominations and I never felt complete. I never felt connected or in line because I saw too much. Energetically, spiritually, and emotionally. I created a connection with God on my own […]

  • Energy Where Art Thou?

    Building energy in this draining society isn’t a lost art. You just got to know what it is that your body needs as well as what it doesn’t. Most of my Intentional Wellness clients complain of lack of energy. Most work 9 to 5’s with kids and running a business so being exhausted makes sense. […]

  • At Ease

    I am a firm believer that wellness comes to us naturally when we are completely at ease. What do I mean when I say at ease? When we are completely happy, stress free, worry free, and just at peace. With that sense of ease you’re capable of maintaining healthy boundaries that aren’t riddled with fear […]

  • What’s in Your Gut pt 2

    It takes two years for a human to fully develop a healthy microbiome of bacteria that controls our Digestive System and 90% of our Immune system. What a child eats within the first two years of their life MATTERS. The most healthy gut organism that a child can get is through their Mother’s BREASTMILK. BREASTMILK […]