Kids: noun: Definition: Creatures designed to test your Gangsta

“Don’t let their charming and sweet handsome faces fool you. They are minions reincarnated sent to give me back the hell I gave my parents.”

My World! 💕✨ left to right Jaden 5, Malachi 13, Josiah 3 and Micah 11

First of all I want to say I love being a Mom. There’s no greater feeling than watching my baby boys grow up and seeing all their characters emerge and their curiosities blossom. That is until Joey is drawing on my walls. Yes I’m team Boy Mom! Begin your prayers NEOW!

I swore that I had dodged the bullet having four boys. Growing up I was the oldest of 8, (5 Sisters and 3 Brothers) and I spent my adolescence threatening my Sisters to stay out of my clothes, shoes, makeup…. MY DAMN ROOM!!!!

So, when I found out I was with child the very first time 14 years ago I made a deal with The Most High:

“PLEASE, I’ll be the BEST MOTHER EVER IN THE WORLD BUT NO STINKING GIRLS!!!!! The Creator most definitely delivered…..

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Where would I be if it wasn’t for God?

Whew Chile I’d still be so lost looking everywhere else for fulfillment instead of within myself.


I don’t think I could ever say that more enough.

People love to assume I don’t believe in God or even Christ.

I definitely believe in both just not in the same way that most do.

A friend asked me do I believe that Christ died for us. I believe Christ Died but we must follow in his footsteps to deliver ourselves. We can’t use his death as an escape or an excuse to live this life of sin.

We want to walk like him we would and that’s takes a lot of discipline most folks wouldn’t even imagine.

So, that’s why a lot of folks walk around in the situations they do because they are continually walking in iniquity and depending on repenting to clear them without doing the work within and applying discipline within themselves to TRULY RISE and go through Christ to connect to God.

The seeds are within each and everyone of us.

We just have to do the work within to tap into it.

Just my thoughts tho. I’d never impose my beliefs on anyone.

But if you want to have a conversation about it with me WITHOUT attempting to push your beliefs on me, let’s have one.

Anyhoots just rejoicing and giving The Most High Praise this morning! I’m beyond grateful!

9/24/21 Card of the Day

The Card of the day for Friday September 4, 2021 is The Knight of Swords Reversed.

Rapping to you in my Lauryn Hill voice, “How you gone ASCEND if you have no love within?!”

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I’m going to give tarot to you to where you understand, you connect, and you innerstand, and take from it what you need!

Cause at the end of every day, it’s truly about YOUR PERCEPTION! Not Mine!

You write the story of your World!

Alright? Alright!

October Tarot Card Challenge

Want to learn Tarot?

I’m going to teach a few of my tricks for the Month of October!

I’ll give a little snippet for today’s card of the day!

Knight of Swords Reversed

Today’s Card of the day is the Knight of Swords Reversed.

I’m still going to record a video but I want you guys to start understanding and hearing your own intuition.

I’ve been trying to think of a Challenge to do for the Month of October and I figured it out.

31 Days of Tarot!

October is literally my favorite Month of the Year. Even though my Birthday is February 13th, Hallows Eve is legendary!

Anyhoots everyone has costumes down so, I’m going to do Tarot!

31 Days of asking you all what you see in a card?

What feelings arise in you looking at it?

What pictured in the card stands out to you?

What is your voice within saying to you?

What do I see?

Swords represent swift and sudden action, change, sharp intellect, logical approach, and strategic planning.

Pyramids represent our connection to the The Afterlife. It’s Point directed to the Heavens as a gateway or portal connection to Source.

The internal layout of the Pyramids is physiologically linked to our own anatomy.

In a reversed position I see an imbalance. Someone is struggling spiritually rather that’s being closed off of closed minded this closing off your connection to God OR by not speaking their truth and harnessing anger and contempt due to being bruised by love. Such as the case of being deeply disappointed in yourself and unable to feel or have love for yourself. Which is the greatest and most liberating love of all. And needed in order to ascend.

You have to love every part of you. The good, the bad. It’s all in us so embrace it.

Another thing I want folks to realize about cards is COLORS. This is why learning your chakras is so important.

Green, Blue, and Purple are the standing out colors of this card.

Green is the Heart Chakra.

Blue variations of Light Blue & Indigo represent the Throat & Third Eye. Speaking & Seeing things as they truly are.

Purple is the Crown Chakra and our Connectivity to Source/God.

This further verifies to me that someone is struggling with balance and ascension due to their stubborn heart.

Ok time to record!

Yes, I Cut My Hair

I’m seriously laughing because My Husband told me I was going to take pics and blog about this and I was trying to be all Vincent VonGLOW LMAO!

Yes I cut my hair.

To be honest, I’ve been wanting to for awhile but was super caught up worrying of I’d regret it. So, I kept them.

I got bored and would color my locs and style them but it still would never be enough over time.

I yearned for my curls yall!

You know I’ve always loved my naturally curly hair.

Really had embraced it even in the 7th grade until I heard people were making fun of me and my mushroom curl cut. It broke my heart.

That moment on, I grew it out and kept it relaxed and wrapped up until I graduated from High School.

I mean I was also the Queen of Straw Curls and Crimps but I really didn’t need to do much to my hair.

My Best-friend Puff was literally THE ONLY PERSON besides My Mama that ALWAYS would attempt to pump me up to rock my curls and I was always too afraid.

Hey, the very first time I did go to a party and rocked my Curly fro in High School, we got into a large brawl at Troostwood. (WHEW CHILE DA GHETTO!)

So, from then on it was back to the wraps, weave, and blah.

The first time in 2010 when I did the Big Chop it was due to medical reasons. I accepted it but I don’t think I fully embraced it.

Circa 2011 while in HairSchool.

Especially when I allowed men to determine rather I’d straighten it or not. And I would. I’d hear “Cater 2 U” playing in my head thinking I’m going to please my man.

Trash ass thinking. Lol

Then I grew it back out, relaxed it, and wore it in weaves galore.

I was thin but so unhealthy and unhappy.

Had two more kids and by Josiah I was over it all.

Got a pixie cut for awhile and loved it! But even then my soul cried out for more.

The Second Chop around I was actually loving it.

So I chopped the relaxer off again in 2018. Had it the shortest it ever was and I loved it.

Then in 2019 I let it grow back out and it got long, curly, chemically free, and luxurious. I wanted to try locs tho!

I loved having my big, healthy, curly fro while working at Sally’s. Sally’s literally became my photo prop lol. I felt so larger than life and confident! This helped me truly embrace just being FREE hair wise!

So, in February 2020, I did!

I went 1 year and 7 months and loved every minute of it.

I loved every moment of my locs but I’ve come to realize that I have to listen to my true self, my spirit, on everything. I’ve been wanting to do it and that first cut was so LIFTING!!!!

The good, the bad, and the ugly stage that really doesn’t exist.

To be honest, I loved them more as starter locs. When they get too long you go into the heftiest routine of care and it was way too much for my busy bee lifestyle.

So, I chopped them.

I feel lighter.

My is mind feels clear.

I absolutely LOVE it!!!! Like my Spirit KNEW I would!

And I’m ready to create so much dope ass shit, and have an amazing Fall making major connections for Hey Kilo Cares and my Husband’s and myself next business ventures! (Stay tuned.)

I’m grateful for the journey and I’m blessed to be able to embark on it with an amazing Man who loves me in all my stages.

I’m going to continue to go, grow, and most importantly GLOW ON!!!!

Aunt Flo & Her Purpose

Ever wonder why our periods are so painful? Or why we really have them? To tune into Thyself.

Realizing that detoxing shouldn’t be used to help you “slim down” but rather so that your body RESETS and is capable of performing effectively with any herbal regime you intake was a monumental mental breakthrough for me.

Our body is capable of naturally purifying itself if it was best supported by us and not given so much harmful toxins.

Ladies, we have our menstruation cycles every month. And up until a year ago I deemed it as a curse and dreadful. Lol, now I’m excited to see her!

Our Aunt Flo really is a detox in her own way.

She rids our system of toxic waste via our blood, our glands (that’s why we get pimples! Bye Bye Toxins!), and if you truly pay attention we use the bathroom more frequently during this time out both ends. That’s our digestive system getting all the crap out of us that’s no longer of use or never was beneficial!

That bloat we feel really is painful!

The more painful our cycles are is a reminder to nourish ourselves (plenty water, rest, and herbs) and reflect on the last period of eating, drinking, and mindfulness to our health and lifestyle. If we are having a painful period or breaking out more-so than often, we may need to look into our dietary routine.

Eating a ton of fast food, not drinking enough water, even drinking a lot of liquor (even wine) may have you having a painful menstruation or a non existent one.

It’s very important that we begin to view the signs our body is telling us. Because it speaks to us all the time.

Hormones play a major deal but our body is a unit and if one thing is off the entire system is and will show itself in more ways than one.

Cherish your cycles and realize that we determine the type of cycle that we are going to have.

Nourish every aspect of your being. Mentally, physically, and spiritually and realize that it is ONE and take care of it as so, watch how greater you will feel.

Now on a metaphysical level, our cycles are heavily connected to the phases of the Moon!

Homework: I want you guys to look up “red witch/white witch and periods and their connection to the Moon.” Either yo educate or just for shits and giggles and I want us to discuss it on my Facebook Group!


I want you guys to also journal about this next New Moon into Full Moon phase of October too! Pay attention to your body, what you ingest, your cycle. Note the day your cycle starts and what phase the Moon is in at that time. Then study that phase and what the Moon maybe saying yo you at that time.

Awesome Adaptogens & Fantastic Fungi

I started watching this awesome documentary on Netflix on Fungus and how it’s importance on Earth. Going to finish it tonight and think you should watch it too!

Netflix has this pretty dope Documentary on Fungus called, “Fantastic Fungi” everyone should watch!!!!

I stumbled on it last night. (The Universe be Working) I have been heavily studying mushrooms and their healing capabilities in class and I’m making some tinctures with Maitaike Mushroom.

I have a powdered Immune Support Mushroom blend from Spirit of Health in Grandview too and I go in there and talk to them for forever about mushrooms and their medicinal benefits.

Mushrooms are adaptogenic and help to regulate our response to stress in our bodies and regain balance through ALL our body systems. Adaptogens are literally medicinal therapy that’s safe to take daily to aid in a well balanced mental and physical life.

If you suffer from any type of Autoimmune Deficiency, Medicinal Mushrooms are a great source of nutrients that will aid in REPAIRING and HEALING systems in your body that have either nerve or tissue damage.

Basically Adaptogenic Herbs help support our Endocrine System. Our sensory system that regulates our metabolism, mood, tissue wellness, and our growth & development.

If something offsets in the Endocrine System. If a gland is out of wack, which we know occurs often, then the entire system is out of order thus will affect other major body systems like our Digestive, Nervous, and Immune Systems.

It’s super important understanding NOW more than ever that our body systems do not work and act as stand alone systems, no they work as a WHOLE.

WE separate them to study their functions but the body is a system of unity!

Adaptogenic Herbs & Medicinal Mushrooms Work to repair us as a whole on a cellular level.

Get into Adaptogens! Learn about them in their entirety and adapt them to your daily life. You’ll be amazed at how they make you feel!!!!

Just Thinking

Malcolm X was a Genius.

He was a threat because he saw the psychological and hormonal warfare. He saw how even our own people, in our own self-righteousness, aided those who sought to oppress us by becoming like them.

He tried to bring light to these things and we didn’t want to hear or acknowledge it.

So many of us mimic the same tactics against our own people that is used against us to keep us bound and oppressed.

This is ever more present now than it has ever been before. And has been for a very long time.

Some of the hardest battles are the battles we need to fight within ourselves.

That takes discipline, routine, focus, and isolation that a lot of y’all fear. Alot if y’all are afraid to face yourself yet alone be alone and that is a problem.

Happy Harvest Moon Y’all!

Today we give gratitude within the ending of the Summer Season!

What a Summer of transformation it was!!!!

And it ended with some necessary bangs to further assure us that in this World and on our journeys it’s vital that we trust our instinct and the voice within.

Some revelations were eye opening and hurt deep, however, they taught us how to be resilient in the face of adversity and to hold true to our own values and beliefs.

As Summer comes to a closing our reading is telling us that we are filled with ideas and love and it’s time to create necessary routines and plans so that when we move in our next phase we are completely prepared to go the extra mile!

Be ready so that you’ll never have to get ready ya know?!

It also serves as a reminder to hold near and dear our “whys”! Don’t forget why you’re going so hard rather it be to build generational wealth in your family, or just because you’re tired of your current circumstances. Remember to keep what you hold dear in your vision so that you don’t lose your way within it all.

Make sure that you’re not too busy to spend time with those that you love! Honor familial traditions or create your own! This is a time for not only growth and development in business but also within our homes!

Reconnect with your kids! Include them in on your projects! With that kind of love all kinds of magic is possible.

Malachi helped me last night with my products photos for the perfumes. While the other boys coached and placed them in angles.

It felt good to see them proud of me and assisting in any way that they can. Let’s me know that I am truly setting an example for them. And a positive one.

Lastly the Knight of Pentacles emphasizes the importance of a plentiful harvest that comes with patience, hard work, routine, and determination. Anything that’ll be successful and have longevity must come with a plan!

A thorough plan! From start to finish! My Husband emphasizes this to me daily. Lol

You can’t have success without thorough strategic planning.

Nevertheless the Full Moon in Pisces is encouraging us to let our guards and walls down for those that love us the most. It’s through our vulnerability that we are truly capable of high creative imagination. We will reach new levels of thoughts when it comes to designing by opening ourselves up abs surrendering to the flow of the Universe!

If we have learned one thing this Summer Season is that everything is eventual! I say this often!

You can’t avoid what the Universe is revealing. All you can do is surrender and go with the flow!

So, the ritual tonight is one of serene surrender and release!

Full Moon in Pisces Ritual:

Items you will need:

Selene & Rose Quartz

White, Silver, and Indigo Blue Candle.

Herbal Blend of Sage, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and essential oils of frankincense, rose, lavender, & vanilla.

Paper & Pen


After cleansing combine Herbal blend in glass flame retardant bowl or cauldron. Light it up! Lol

Sat Selene and rose Quartz on opposite sides of bowl.

Sat candles on the outer sides of the crystals. Everything should line up.

Light candles.

Once area is prepared find oneness or balance through meditation and breathing. Once relaxed say these words:

“I release all cords attached to me or coming from me. I release all holds connected to me or coming from me. I release all self limitation coming from within me. I release all things that are no longer in alignment with my Highest Self.”

Repeat this 3 times.

Write everything down that popped into your mind as you chanted your release. Once complete, fold the paper away from you as to draw the thoughts of the paper out of your divine essence. Release it through your body and fingers tips and out it into that fold. Folding each time away from you. Not too tight a fold!!!! Just enough to where it’s a square.

Once folded, sat paper afire with your blue candle. And hold it over the bowl until you have to drop it into the bowl.

Ensure the paper has burnt and the ashes remain in the bowl.

Once complete say with conviction, “I trust thyself and the Universe to guide my footsteps in the direction that aligns to my Higher Self. I trust in thyself and The Universe to align me to those that are in alignment with my Higher Self. I trust in thyself and The Universe to open doors that are for me and in alignment to my Higher Self.” Repeat this 3xs end with Asé.

Burry contents of the bowl in your backyard tomorrow in the morning. Far away from your house.

Journal in the next few days how you’re feeling and as you notice changes. The goal is to make sure that no matter what happens in regards to what you asked for that you are prepared to step within that direction. Don’t ask for what you can’t handle. Be ready, acceptive, grateful, and PREPARED!!!!

Happy Full Moon!

And then I Realized

If you are called to do Herbalism the only advice I can say is to silence the noise around you, AND DO THAT SHIT!


You can’t half ass it.

If you want to be confident about it you literally have to do the work. Not only just study but experiment, do field studies, get out in nature, align within, and so much more.

It’s literally not just a title it’s a life altering change.

It is our lifestyles now.

I walked into this one way and who I am now is completely changed from day 1. And I’m still growing and evolving.

Once you start to realize how much you’ve been conditioned and how much you contribute to the continued conditioning of others your entire World and views change.

For a month or so I was thinking everyone around me had changed. No! They are STILL the same folks I love.

It’s me that is changing! I changed. I’m still changing.

You can’t avoid it.