Kids: noun: Definition: Creatures designed to test your Gangsta

“Don’t let their charming and sweet handsome faces fool you. They are minions reincarnated sent to give me back the hell I gave my parents.”

My World! 💕✨ left to right Jaden 5, Malachi 13, Josiah 3 and Micah 11

First of all I want to say I love being a Mom. There’s no greater feeling than watching my baby boys grow up and seeing all their characters emerge and their curiosities blossom. That is until Joey is drawing on my walls. Yes I’m team Boy Mom! Begin your prayers NEOW!

I swore that I had dodged the bullet having four boys. Growing up I was the oldest of 8, (5 Sisters and 3 Brothers) and I spent my adolescence threatening my Sisters to stay out of my clothes, shoes, makeup…. MY DAMN ROOM!!!!

So, when I found out I was with child the very first time 14 years ago I made a deal with The Most High:

“PLEASE, I’ll be the BEST MOTHER EVER IN THE WORLD BUT NO STINKING GIRLS!!!!! The Creator most definitely delivered…..

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What’s Left?

If you take away everything that you’ve worked so hard at achieving, would you still feel worthy?

Like, if you lost everything right now. Your beauty, your money, your talent, your business, your fancy clothes, your shoe fetish, your body, your Greek affiliations, your education, your home, your car, EVERYTHING.

Stripped you bare.

Left you with nothing to your name except your mind. Would you feel half empty or half full? Would you still feel worthy?

Would you still keep moving forward if you had none of the things or people that you believe make you, YOU?

Mind Matters / Heart

Stop believing you are capable. KNOW IT. For within the word beLIEve is LIE. You must KNOW that you are for YOU ARE.

The Brain nor the Heart are at war. They just do their functioning jobs and are equally important to keep our body systems running. Our vessels are important. We must remain fit and healthy to keep or bodies alive to host our Spirits, Minds and our Souls.

Our Minds and Souls are the most important part of who we are. It’s important that we treat them with care, heal them when need be (it’s neverending), and learn to trust ourselves. Trust your Higher Self and Guidance System within.

Heal and Balance.

Our Brain and the Heart are both powerful organs in our body. They need each other to survive. If our Brain dies we are literally dead. If there is no brain function our organs can’t perform their bodily functions, including the Heart. Our Hearts are nothing more than a vessel that carries forth blood to every organ and areas of our body. A PUMP.

If they plug our bodies up to a machine when our brain functions are low we are kept alive for as long as our brain is show signs of function. When that brain is GONE they pull the plug and our bodies become an empty vessel leaving all of our organs in tact within the shell.

Also, if our Heart suddenly stops, blood is incapable of delivering oxygen to the Brain therefore the Brain dies.

Can’t have one without the other, no Al Bundy.

Brains, Hearts, and Bodies stay empty here in this World, but our Souls return to the energy of the Universe.

Yadda, yadda, yadda. I’m not hear to convince anyone of an after life, or a lack thereof. I honestly don’t care what anyone believes in for in my opinion there is no right or wrong answer.

I just want people to heal.

We are THEE Creator of our reality.

Our thoughts control our feelings, our actions, EVERYTHING. Everything we do is created in thought. If you follow the journey of First 4 cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck you realize that it’s breaking down our Spirits journey and the importance of our Minds.

The Fool Card is affiliated with the number 0 and it symbolizes ourselves along our Souls journey.

Childlike, innocent, full of curiosity, not persuaded or influenced by anything and can either begin or end as a Fool. It’s with curiosity that we are born into the World and begin our quest of knowledge and wisdom as our lives progress. The Fool is represented by the number 0 for nothing and none of us are greater than anything or anyone in this world. Through Collective Consciousness, we are ALL divine thoughts and beings of Source, God, The Creator.

The Magician is represented by the Number 1 which is the Innovator/Originator. The First. Those with the life number of 1 are Innovative in Nature and are natural born Leaders. The Magician is the creator of thought and illusion. It’s here that our ideas are created.

Next is The High Priestess which is governed by the number two. It’s here that our thoughts intertwine with our intuition and plans to put these thoughts into reality are built. Those with the life number of two are Innovative and strategic. They put plans to ideas and are ready to go forth in motion.

Next is The Empress, the nurturer and birth giver to the idea. It’s governed by the number 3 and is the Creator. It’s here that the idea is nurtured, and it grows here and then is birthed and brought into fruition. Those with the life number of 3 are creative thinkers who see things from a broader perspective and are able to give life to ideas and bring them to fruition in the World.

I can go on and on but the point that I’m attempting to make is that everything that we look at in the world is a part of a Collective Conscious. A Collective thought of Creation. The Creation of Source or God. The Universe is the Collective Thought of God/Source and everything within it is connected. That includes you and me, and the birds and the bees. You know, the circle of life and shit. Anyways. All of us are important.

We are our own Center Pointe of Creation within the Universe. We too have the same source connecting energy to create the lives that we want to live. It all begins within our thoughts.

All sensory feelings, all thoughts, all of CREATION, Creation of being, creation of thoughts, creation of ideas, Feelings of love, EVERYTHING is originated within OUR MINDS.

Our MINDS are the most powerful thing in the WORLD. Within our Universe. Yet, it’s the one thing that we don’t feed into like we should.

We allow ourselves it to be susceptible to images, sounds, and things that groom them in ways that we shouldn’t allow it to. We literally are brainwashed. Won’t question anything. Believing HIStory. Trusting everything we’ve been told was truth and fear questioning anything related to the will or power of God.

Lately I’ve been paying attention to words. Words are spells. We speak curses on ourselves every damn day. Especially in our minds.

If you don’t take anything from this remember that if you change your mindset, you will literally change your life.

We will go fix our bodies or our images before we will heal our minds. That doesn’t make sense to me.

I’d rather be mentally at peace and trusting myself. LOVING myself as I am. I will NEVER be ok mentally living in the shell of a beautiful prison that has trapped and disillusioned my mind.

Change your mindset and you will change your life.

TRUST THYSELF. KNOW THYSELF. How can you trust anyone else if you don’t trust yourself?

I don’t trust words. I don’t even trust the English vocabulary or language at times because it was created by MAN. Lol. I have to use it of course.

When I speak now days, I make sure that I mean what I say. Even then if I were you, I’d still wouldn’t trust what I say either. Trust yourself. What works for me may not work for you. Educate yourself. Find your own beliefs. Find what works or feels right to you. Like I said I don’t beLIEve there’s a right or wrong way. I KNOW what is or isn’t for me.

I don’t allow words of others to dictate or sway my inner guidance system. I don’t trust what I see or hear. I trust my intuition. I trust my instincts. I trust the vibes I feel. I monitor people’s actions. I watch their movements. I notice everything. I feel it all.

I wish other’s would trust their own connections to Source. I always say to folks that you don’t need a middle man to connect with God. God is within. Go within. We all have power within us to create the lives that we want and deserve to live.

Everything visible to my naked eye right now from my keyboard, to my laptop, to my phone, to the bed I’m sitting on, to the dresser, to the light illuminating my room, in the house that Jack built was ALL initially a THOUGHT manifested in someone’s MIND.

Think on that.

Everything physically visible in this World was initially an idea in someone’s mind. They have a heart that pumped blood like the heart that’s beating within you and I. They had a brain that sends sensory directions to organs and systems within their body that we have too. They had a mind that creates ideas and thoughts just like our minds do. I pose this question, what do you create or think in your mind?

Imagine if we all thought IMPECABLY.

What type of World could we create together?

When Will It End

As the Verdict came in for George Floyd across in Columbus 16 year old Makhia Bryant allegedly called the police for help and was in result murdered by one of them.

And then folks are justifying it. “She had a knife!” Yes she did to PROTECT HERSELF!

He could have rushed her. He didn’t have to shoot her! Her back was to him.

Let’s be real!

4 people come to your house to JUMP you you just going to go toe to toe with them?

No! You’re going to do whatever you have to do to protect yourself!

The fact four young girls coming to jump on her is an issue in itself that we need to discuss cause clearly we aint learned from the baby girl getting jumped in the bathroom and dying a few years ago. Amy Inita Joyner-Francis was only 16 years old when she was jumped in a Delaware High School by a group of girls.

She was only 16.

Then we have Raniya Wright. SAY HER NAME!!!! She was only 13 years old!!!!! 13 dawg!!!! Her Mother indicated she was being bullied by the same girl since she was in the 3rd grade.

Raniya Wright was only 13 when she got into a fight with a classmate that her Mother said had been bullying her daughter since she was in the 3rd grade. The county medical examiner went on record to determine cause of death was a condition by birth. The family disagreed with their ruling.

Normally I try to keep my energy off this type of stuff because it’s so hard to see and go through being an empath.

Somethings got to give. I’ve been crying all morning. A lot of us feel this deeper.

Normally I don’t watch the videos but I had to see this for myself man.

Keeping all these families lifted.

I can’t imagine how those 4 girls feel now. Probably feel like it’s their fault. And they have to live with that now for the rest of their lives.

Do you realize how damaging that is on ones psyche? This shit cuts deep.

Our babies are hurting! Bullies are created in situations of pain man! Our babies need help! They are hurting. It’s on us to figure out why because being a kid and going through this man…. we hardly know what’s going on in their minds. And they matter too!!!!

Are you actively engaging with your children and making sure they are OK?!

4 girls jumping on someone isn’t ok nor is it normal! I’ve been on both ends of this! I’ve been bullied and I have bullied!

It’s all a cycle of PAIN. And it needs to stop! These babies learning the wrong survival tactics. And it’s really on us!

Our babies are either bullying or getting bullied every damn day! We got to do better.

Especially when schools are in session and occupied!

Let’s be real.

Some parents will encourage the shit too!

Then look crazy when their child gets murdered. Happens EVERY DAY IN THE HOOD!

I tell mine daily, I’m not your friend, I’m your Mother. I’m not ok’ing no toxicity! None whatsoever! Be authentic. Be you. No extra. Respect yourself! Love yourself! And watch that gravitate off of you on to someone else.

“You know better! Don’t play yourself!”

I be on their friends! “Y’all all know better! Don’t be out here thinking bullying is cool find your behind in some trouble you can’t get out of it can’t get revived from!”

Love on these kids man. Be the example you want to see in them.

This shit hurts. It really fucking hurts.


Don’t mind me, just manifesting my dreams!

Lately I’ve been throwing affirmations in the air and catching blessings when they return.

I let it go and literally just let The Most High do what it does!

Just throwing your affirmations out is speaking power into them.

Don’t worry about the how, just continue to keep doing all that you do!

Be grateful in advance.

Watch those blessings begin to move in your favor.

Especially when you are a pure blessing to others.

I don’t worry about anything!

I KNOW that God makes ways out of no way.

I just do my part.

I keep my energy aligned and stay rooted within my purpose.

I don’t match energy I still show love.

I don’t wish Ill on anyone because I’m too focused on what’s happening in my own life and home to dwell on anything else.

It’s enough blessings for us all out here.

And none of us are in control of another’s destiny, only they are.

So, despite it all I will forever speak life and love into everyone.

Every day.

It’s enough hate and drama in the world than for me to add fuel to fires in someone else’s mind.

Heaven and Hell on Earth is a choice.

I choose to always be a place of peace for all.

Dream Big


Kc Mystics Fair 21 was a WHOLE BLESSED VIBE!

We came, we all saw, and we all conquered!!!!

I am still on my blessed high following this past weekends KC Mystics Fair! Held at the Cotillion Room on 40 Hwy & put on by the Beautiful and Amazing Carolyn Ullrich. (I love saying her full name because she sounds like a professor on Harry Potter. 💖)

It was literally such a magical time and the spot in the Spring is BREATHTAKINGLY SERENE!

Day 1 setup Inside due to the rain. Day 2 outside setup was SPLENDID at 75 degrees!

I SOLD OUT YA’LL!!!! It felt so amazing to get all my products sold, all my jewelry adored!

The greatest part is all the amazing connections! Kc Mystics is literally a family! I started with the fair last Fall and I’m hooked!

My Beautiful Julia and Mwuah! After Saturday’s Success! Sweaty and all I feel good! Pure Love & Light!

Everyone has so much love and light within them. When I needed love and push they are right there!

Carolyn is so attentive to all of us, she makes sure that everyone is doing good and is always there with a snack or water! That’s love!

The vegan Foods by Sunni were a huge delight and the wines were super popular! People watching was amazing, EVERYONE was smiling and enjoying themselves.

Sun Baking. Lol I got a horrible tan though. But I and my crystals needed the Sunshine on the glorious New Moon!

Friday it rained all day and we all got stuck in the mud. No worries like MAGIC a tow truck came to save the day! I got to sit in the car while my SUV was hitched and lifted. I literally felt like I was FLYING!

The Stuck In Mud Trucks. #KCMYSTICS21

Like the entire weekend was a blessing! I gave away so much merch! I absolutely love gifting kids crystals just to spark their curiosity and make them feel good as they make a selection towards a Crystal that’s calling out to them. Their eyes light up wide! 💖

Cherry Blossoms, my favorite tree ever.

I’m so grateful for purpose in my life. Just imagine where I’d be if I wouldn’t have allowed myself to be FREE. I love the life that I have just began living!

It all began with trusting myself and following my heart.

To anyone out there sitting on their vision I challenge you to let go and just be!!!!

Just allow yourself to be what The Universe is truly calling you to.

I am truly loving and living my dreams now! Everyone I encounter I encourage to follow their heart and create the lives they are wanting to!

And the Shopping!!!! I swear I didn’t buy it all! So much amazing stuff to choose from!!!! 💖

I’ll leave you all with some amazing shots I took of the garden!

Sun kissed
Going to call this one the Cookout. Lol it just jumps to my mind lol.
Flower Child

If you missed this past weekends KC Mystics Fair don’t worry! We are BACK 19th & 20th! I look forward to seeing you all there!!!! 💖

Skin & Hair: Let’s Get Conscious on Knowing Thyself

We literally are what we eat.

My keeping it 100 moment.

All of these celebs lines are filled with really harsh chemicals and toxins.

I think we flock to them out of popularity and because they are beautiful and rich. I know I have.

However, a lot of it be smoke in mirrors. When the lights are down and the cameras and make up comes off a lot of them are facing some of the same problems we are when it comes to our hair and skin woes.

That’s why I love KeKe Palmer and her coming forward about her hyperpigmentation issues.

Transparency is important when it comes to beauty and health.

Honesty. Integrity. Not just selling products to make a buck.

A ton of these brands are extremely overpriced and do either nothing or quite the opposite of what they say they will do. Sometimes making our skin and hair way worst.

From experience, being a licensed cosmetologist and a former employee of Sally’s Beauty, the most expensive beauty products to me never worked in comparison to brands I found at Sally’s.

Sally’s Ion brand was way better than anything Chi ever made to me. Same for Beyond the Zone! Amazing lines that are affordable.

When it comes to hair and skin also you have to keep in mind that everyone’s hair and skin is different.

It’s important that YOU know your hair and skin type.

Know your curl pattern. No your skin. Are you oily? Are you dry? T zone?

I’ve heard horror stories of people sitting in chairs getting their hair, nails, and skin treatments and feeling like something isn’t right and something is going wrong.

As a consumer YOU HAVE TO SPEAK UP. As an expert I have to hear out your complaints even if I don’t agree.

It’s not always hate. Sometimes it’s a learning experience we need to know because again, everyone’s hair and skin is not the same.

What works for me may not work for you. And that’s fine. It challenges me to find a solution for you.

What we also eat and drink has a lot to do with our skin and hair. (Hair grows from a scalp which is skin, and it has a pH too. Keep it safe in the normal pH levels so it can thrive.)

We have to be more conscious of what we intake.

Everything we eat/drink breaks down in our body and has to be released.

So, while skin for the most part is a layer of protection from outside elements, it is also a means for toxins to be released out of us.

Greasy foods, pops, liquor, all of that comes out of us through bowels and our our skin.

Be cautious on what you in take.

Healthy skin is created in your kitchen.

Healthy hair too.

A healthy all around life begins in our own fridges.

Let’s be more conscious y’all. Healthy life, skin, hair, mental, starts within.

Download 4/5/21

I’m going to do everything that I love to do.

I’m done sitting still.

Sitting idle.

Yes I’ve been going hard for my brands.

However, I AM THE BRAND!

How can I push “Hey Kilo Cares” and not be present?

Not be visible?

Sometimes I feel we allow ourselves to let internal forces minimize ourselves from being great!

I’m an extrovert yet I’m camera shy and I hate it!

I just don’t like recording myself at all! I feel extremely awkward.

Mindset is everything.

That mentality is serving me no purpose at all.

I need to be present in all I do.

My skin is glowing due to my products and no one can see it unless they SEE ME!

My weight is dropping because of my teas and no one can see my progress unless they SEE ME!

I know I’m not alone in this!

We will talk ourselves out of some good shit! Uh uhn! Not today!

We’re stepping into our purpose fully y’all! We owe it to ourselves and our dreams!

I love what I do! I love talking about herbs.

I am a go to for so many women who are starting their new businesses and needing tips and tricks.

I love discussing my products. I love discussing crystals.

I love hosting classes. Talking to customers about ingredients. About Chakras and their importance!

Y’all gone get sick of seeing me and that’s fine!

Ladies, it’s time to show up.

Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back from your glory INCLUDING YOURSELVES!

We got this!

Ok? Ok! Let’s get it!

Download 4/1/2021

New Month! Who Dis?! Home Boy/ Home Girl go find your joy and transform your life!

I went from having a lot to be mad about to having nothing but JOY in my heart!

I may have a lot to be mad about, these days though, I’d rather hold on to PEACE OF MIND than the drama of the world!

Joy is a choice.

I’m going to choose it every time!

Download today is FIND WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY.

Way too often we surround ourselves with things, people, and toxic propaganda that warps our minds by keeping us fixated on negativity.

I refuse to dive my mind into what doesn’t bring me peace.

I allowed myself to be entrapped in hell for far too long.

I exude now what I want in return.

Love, peace, positivity, patience, wisdom, a calm spirit, a calm home, and everything else that comes with peace of mind and happiness.

I used to pray for these days. Now I create them.

Mindset is everything! Controlling what you indulge in is apart of that mindset.

This message isn’t for everyone though, just who understand.

I’ve been on both spectrums so I say this with understanding.

It’s hard to face the truth that it is US who determines how our lives will be lived.

I challenge you all to start choosing joy over drama and see how far you will go.

The only person that you owe peace of mind to is yourself!

You’re the most important person in your life and you deserve joy more than anyone. I need you to say this and believe it!

Once you find that inner joy, you will then naturally be a joy to everyone around you! And if for any reason someone around you isn’t a fan of your joy, I guarantee they will remove themselves out of your life.


Choose YOUR joy WITHOUT bending or folding on it!

It’s not up for negotiation.

You don’t have to compromise on what brings you peace of mind.

Allow The Universe to guide you with the true thoughts and feelings of your heart and mind in one accord.

Choose peace, free your mind, and your heart will follow.

A lil En’Vogue at the end never hurt nobody!

Download for 3/30/2021

Don’t ever dim your light or who you are so someone else can shine. Shine like the Star that you are!

Shine with me.

Stand with me in your own light and your own glory.

Shine brighter if the mood arises.

We are all stars ladies. I’m not about to shit on anyone else’s show because I feel threatened, or jealous, or irritated by another woman.

Do I get along with everyone? No. I’m still not about to shit on your shine because we don’t mix.

We ALL deserve to thrive, be in love, be prosperous, and be successful.

I send that blessing out to all.

Nothing more infuriating than when other women attempt to tear other women down.

“She’s fat.” “She’s not even that cute.” “Girl, you know she got her body done.” Why the hell do you care! Why are you bothered by what others do?!

If it’s not for you that’s fine. I prefer being natural myself HOWEVER, let me win a free tummy tuck or Uncle Joe throw me another 14-HUN-DAWG and a BAWDY MIGHT BE ARRANGED!

I’m not shitting on anyone else, pillow talking shit, “have you heard – big”, or downplaying another woman just so I can stand out.

You only stand out looking like the biggest “I wanna be down ass Brandy” in the room when you’re do that shit. Especially amongst men who LOVE to size women up against one another as if they are going to be a prince in shinning armor.

REAL MEN DON’T SPEAK ON WHAT WOMEN DO and/or shouldn’t do! They are too busy holding themselves accountable.

I’m convinced any man that has nothing to say but negative things about women wants to be one and Vice verse. Any chick that has everything negative to say about men want to be them.

At the end of the day, the terrible decisions we have had with the men/women we choose to deal with is on US!

The sooner that you take accountability for the people you allow in your life around you and for yourself the greater the Universe will direct the things you gravitate towards directly to you.

Anyhoots, you don’t have to talk stuff about folks to standout! BE YOU!!!! Turn your own light up and light the room you’re in up.

Take ownership. Speak your truth without speaking lies and gossip on others.