Walk Within Your Truth

This is my favorite episode of the show.

We fight so hard IN VAIN to be what everyone else wants us to be instead of just BEing who we are.

This keeps us stagnant and complacent.

This keeps us constantly looking outside of ourselves for more.

This keeps us unhappy within.

This blocks us from truly seeing what is for us!

When you walk within your truth you won’t question a thing!

You’ll already know what’s for you, where you’re supposed to go, who you are supposed to be dealing with.

You’ll be able to FEEL everything.

And if something happens that disrupts your peace you’ll be more equipped to control your emotional response to it!

We are only in control of ourselves. Everything else is out of our concern and our only concern should be to BE. Not trying to convince anyone else to walk, talk, or think like you.

Let everyone show themselves and you don’t question those 🚩 you see!

Check it out.



My Sis messaged me and said, wait, wheat?

Yes, wheat!

Wheat no matter what it is, whole grain, organic, whatever, it is HIGHLY INFLAMMATORY. Wheat contains gluten.

What is gluten? Gluten is a protein found in a ton of grains. You can find it in bread, cereal, and pasta. (Currently a war in my home cause they are over me too. Lol but I spend the cash and cook.)

Combine your wheat consumption with Dairy you’re now really adding to your bodies overall imbalance to inflammation going out of control.

It’s ok:

I’m not telling anyone to go cold turkey.

I’m just saying cleanse EVERY NOW & THEN to help reset your system.

Over time you’ll begin to seeing and feeling on your own how the cleanses make you feel.

Intentional Wellness is all about DOING WHAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU.

Doing what makes YOU feel good.

I’m just supplying the information. You do not have to take heed to it, apply it, unless YOU desire to.

Going cold Turkey is hard for a lot of us to do.

However I find inspiration seeing people that I love defy the odds of Science and their Doctors by taking their health back into their OWN hands.

I can’t wait til one of my SiStars shares her story of her bout with Covid while having a autom immune deficiency off of her prescribed medications.

When I say GOD ALWAYS has the final say! 🙌🏾 God ALWAYS has the final say.

I stand to walk as an example always. Never what’s right or wrong for right or wrong is your own perception to what is relative to YOU!

Prior to my cleanse I pigged out on everything just to see how my body would feel once I began to cleanse.

And oh my God! Did I FEEL IT.

Yesterday, my anniversary I was absolutely DOWN.

Headache took me out.

Slept it off and today I feel so clear!

Day 4 y’all! Let’s keep going!


Who Is Kilo Sade?

What do I do?

I healed so that I could create healing products.

I learn so that I can educate others about how they can heal themselves.

So that they can heal not only themselves but those that they love.

So that those that they love can go on to heal those that come from them.

Hate and fear is a parasite that’s been passed down through so many generations.

Love is the only remedy.

I’m more than an Herbalist. I am a Wife, A Mother, a Daughter, a Sister, A Friend.

I am Kilo Sade.

Who are you?

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I love where the Universe is guiding me! Thank you for all your love and support! I’m just getting started!

Morning Motivation

Great Rising!

Today’s Morning Yoga Flow Routine!

This was literally EVERYTHING!

I loved the mantra she noted, “The Universe is for me and so is everything else.”

How profound is that?

Our mind at times works against us in so many ways. Placing doubts where they really shouldn’t exist.

We are already enough.


Sending you all an abundance of love and light this morning!

Let’s get it and be great!


Things that always fascinate me:

Y’all debating and worrying about the wrong things.

Like assholes, everyone has opinions.

Doesn’t mean they are truth or valid.

People live accordingly to their own truth. What works for them may or may not work for you. Vice/versa.

Their lives. Their issue. Not yours or mine.

Y’all make adulting unnecessarily difficult.

Do you.

Theirs been a debate on my timeline on young boys playing with kitchen sets at a young age not being deemed “ok” and how it’ll end up with the young boy growing up gay.

The silliest shit I’ve ever seen.

This debate further pulls the mask off of folks too and if I were someone in the LGBTQ community I’d be side eyeing a lot of you.

This debate could potentially be triggering to think that

  1. Growing up gay is a problem or a disease.
  2. How most of y’all would react if your child came to you and came out. I’d hate to be that child about to come out to someone that’s immature and only loves me under the condition that I live up to their standards.

A lot to unpack.

Sexual preferences is up to someone’s discretion. It’s not disgusting, it’s not a disease, and quite frankly it’s none of any of y’all’s concerns if someone is attracted to the opposite gender.

The only things disgusting in our community is grooming underage boys and girls, incest, child molestation that y’all sweep into closets and refuse to acknowledge or speak on that continues cycles of trauma in our community, and the oversexualization of our young Queens.

That should really be a conversation!

And women feed into this self hate more than the men do. Yet y’all benefit from the services that a lot of Gay men provide.

I never understood why it was more acceptable for two women to be gay and not two men.

Why is that?

Why does it matter to you?

Why are you guys so bothered by it?

This is ridiculous.

Can We Talk About Love For A Minute?

My Husband 💖

Can we talk about love for a minute?

What it truly represents.

How we go through life thinking that love is our desire, passion, and only executed through intimacy and touch.

Through sex and lust we lose ourselves in this false perspective of what love is.

How that lust attaches us to people and situations that our spirits outgrow.

We stay looking for more.

Sacrificing ourselves on a quest to find love in all the wrong places and spaces.

I said in November of 2019 that my next love would be my greatest love.

That I would wait forever before I laid in bed with another man because I wanted to get to the depth of him and learn everything about him. He, in return, will learn everything about me.

The good, the bad, the darkness, and the light. Love me in my rare natural essence through every high and low that we experience.

I didn’t want to continue cycles of meaningless connections that I witnessed my Mama endure, my Grandmothers endure, my friends, hell myself.

I wanted a connection that was profound.

That was honest, pure, true.

The Universe has a funny way of challenging us.

12/1/2019 I found my Man.

Duane Sneed you’re all that I needed, all that I want.

You challenge me in ways that I never knew I needed to be challenged in.

It’s been a battle taming the shrew within me but she is now…. Slightly, more submissive than I’ve ever knew how to be.

I’m still a rebel though but you love me as I am.

I’m always moved to tears at the thought of the way that you love me and how fortunate that I am that you haven’t given up on me.

People I’m sure may think we are crazy, or that this won’t last, or that this is nothing but I never cared because I know. I know and I always knew.

I’ve waited 20 years to be loved like this and this is only a portion of the love I’ll get once you’re home.

Cloud 100 is what you have me on even on down days.

I love you for everything you are, everything you used to be because it’s made you the man that you are today.

Happy Anniversary Daddy 💖

P.S. love my scatterbrain more than ever ok? Ok! Lol

How’s Your Cleanse Going?

Celery Juice Up!

Great Rising loves!

As you cleanse, what are some changes you’re starting to notice?

Somethings that you may experience that I have are:

  1. Regularized bowl movements

As a child I suffered from constipation. Mother dear gave me prune juice (yuck) often to help with it. Doctors would tell my Mom that I needed Milk of Magnesium and Mother Dear wouldn’t have it. She always relied on diet and prune juice or NASTY CASTOR OIL!

In my adult years I definitely would be able to tell if I wasn’t eating right by the movement of my bowels.

On average a human adult should have at least a bowel movement or two a day. (Don’t trust Google)

Our bodies are a system that runs as one and runs 24 hrs even while we are sleeping our organs are going and keeping us vibrating.

To be honest you should at least have 3 a day.

They should not be runny and definitely not to hard.

My Endocrinologist told me that once I started to see a ‘S’ shape in my stool that I was doing right.

Some people are probably like that gross you pay attention to all that but we really should.

How else do you know yourself if you’re not paying attention to yourself and what is produced and coming from you?

  1. Your Menstruation maybe altered or delayed as your cleanse due to your body safely preparing itself to release toxins with your flow.
  2. You may see an increase of rashes or acne as the toxins are being pushed out of your system through not only your bowels but your skin. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. I typically fill my 33 oz water bottle up and drink it throughout the day refilling it up twice. On the third refill around bedtime I drink half the bottle and in the morning I wake up and drink the other half and refill. I drink about 70+ ounces of water a day.

Water intake varies but signs that you’re drinking to much water extremely clear urine and frequent urination. Cut back if you start to experience this.

If you’re not drinking enough your mouth will be dry, headaches, and dark urine will be present.

This is why it’s super important during this cleanse that you learn yourself and what you need and how your respond.

Overtime and sticking to an Intentional Wellness Food Plan you will see a natural glow radiating from your skin.

  1. Going through withdrawals and craving gets heavy. You may feel irritable or moody. Yoga and breathe work is amazing. I’m going to post a breathing exercise that I love to do that helps me calm down and find my flow and balance.

Keeping nuts and berries will help as well. Making sure you’re starting your morning off either eating fruits and veggies or oats and berries will help you feel full and jumpstart your system.

You’re off to a good start! Taking back control of your physical being which will ignite serenity within your mental and spiritual essence.

Day by day! You got this!

Bottles up!

Are You a Prisoner of Your Universe or Your Own Master?

I laugh and joke about astrology for shits and giggles but to be serious for a moment Astrology is a lot deeper than your sun sign.

That’s just surface level.

Astrology is just as complex as we are because it is of us.

Despite what you believe it can all be correlated, like our own genetic makeup, to the Universe.

As the same atoms that make up the stars are what we too are comprised of.

A lot of the times when you’re bashing other signs I guarantee a lot of that sign you’re bashing is probably all up and through your Birthchart governing houses and ruled by planets that make up your character and nature. And instead of understanding it, you shame it coincidentally shaming yourself.

If anything Astrology is merely a guide or a map to navigate through life that’s an added bones to our design.

WE still CHOOSE how we want to get to the destined ending that’s already written for us. That’s what we are in control of.

God/Source/Allah (pick your choice) already has the plan, we either go along with it, trusting ourselves and following the stars and signs that Thee created, or we OURSELVES not any evil entity, will go off course and try to wing it alone and ignoring red flags.

We allow false fulfillment from lust, desire, greed, envy, and vanity consume us and fill us with ego driven pride losing our essence and our true identity.

The only solution is to go within, face ourselves, be real with ourselves. Have a real heart to heart admitting and accepting our flaws and way ward ways so that we can internally realign and find balance.

That’s how you truly heal.

I can’t heal anyone I can just offer advice and be an example of a person that journeyed through her own darkness, even still, and found enough light to guide myself through it, even still.

It’s all consciousness. You can either be a prisoner to your mind, emotions, desires, and impulses. OR you can be a Master of it all.

Controlling My Narrative

There’s a moment in life where you get to a point where the only thing that matters is your peace of mind.

I am there.

I realized last night that we really can control our narrative. We control what we indulge in. We control who we want to deal with. What we want to believe. What we think. What we open our minds and hearts to.

We really have more control over our experience here on Earth than we give ourselves credit for.

I believe my journey has been leading me here for a very long time and last night it finally resonated loudly.

And it felt Damn good.

I don’t have to indulge in, react to, converse with, bond with, fight with anyone about what it is that I choose to believe in.

Recently I had a friend that I admire delete myself and a few others off of his page and I never understood why but I respected it and understood that it’s no hard feelings.

We really don’t have to engage with what doesn’t resonate with our energy.

Honestly I respect people more who regain back their power. It’s control and the unnecessary attachments that we have with folks due to history with them or our own need for others validation that we follow and befriend folks that our soul just doesn’t vibe with.

I’m extremely good on that.

Honestly, if I had more time and didn’t have more pressing things to do I’d do a deep purge on my personal Facebook page as well.

We get way too attached to it. And honestly I’d rather have physical social interactions with a lot of you because you’re real persona is better than the one you portray online.

Then a lot of you are worst than what you portray online. And honestly, none of it personally concerns me at all.

I feel hella freed to be able to engage in and with who I choose to socialize with.

I encourage others to get to this point to.

My debating days are over.

Now, I absolute LOVE having meetings of the minds with folks but your delivery, approach, and tone will determine rather I engage with you or not.

Some of you are too emotionally tied into your beliefs and I will forever challenge and push you to see how unhealthy it is to be that invested emotionally in anything.

So, our conversation would be pointless. UNTIL you release some cords holding you captive.

See myself, I’m free. I’m not attached to anything or anyway of thinking and with folks who vibrate on a similar frequency even having beliefs that is different from mine, we can discuss things from a place of respect and love.

Y’all love coming straight in with punchlines, disrespect, and that elitist mentality which honestly says more about you than any point you’re trying to make.

And I’ll only frustrate you further because you can’t bully or project your opinions on me.

So yeah. There’s so much freedom in controlling what you want to see, what you want to say, where you want to go, and who you want to deal with.

I love it here.

Morning Routines

Consistency begins with setting morning routines.

How you start your day truly sets the tone of how your day will go.

I love sitting before getting up and moving in bed to have time to myself to read, study, stretch, or do crunches.

Then I get up and do my morning routine of getting the kids up, hygiene, supplements/tea taking, smudging, yoga, then work.

I eat fruit and raw veggies in the morning or drink a smoothie, tea, and water.

I’ve realized on days when I don’t do this my focus is off, my body is tense, and uneasy throughout the day.

Morning routines are necessary.

We really control our realities and I choose to always make sure that every moment throughout my day counts.

Sending you all an abundance of love and light.

Great Rising