It’s Not Expensive To Eat Healthy

I really want to be the example and DEAD myths when it comes to health and wellness.

What I realized is that anything that’s potentially GOOD for us is deemed unreachable to us or evil or bad for us.

You constantly hear that eating healthy is too expensive and that is a LIE.

It’s not. We waste so much money on buying junk! We’ve created this excuse of eating organically is high.

Really start adding up the things you purchase, the times you go out to eat, and you will see there really isn’t a difference in cost once the figures are side by side.

Not to mention you can grow your own vegetables and certain fruits on your own for under $100!

My goal is to serve as an example on how it can easily be done with intentional planning, educating, and execution. And I’m going to share it all with you!

2022 will be a year of purpose and intention for us all! Together we can create a community that encourages, motivates, and enriches each other to push towards our wellness goals, share tips on where to shop, what to eat/what not to eat, how to heal and more!

Let’s dead the Myth of “Eating Healthy is too expensive.”

It’s not!

We overspend on so many things that aren’t important!

What you put in your body and on your body is what truly matters!

And once you put a side by side cost analysis of what you spend on leisure BS to organic healthier options you will see there isn’t a large deficit that your mind has concocted.

We make a ton of excuses when it comes to doing what’s truly going to be beneficial to our wellbeing because in all actuality we don’t want to admit how much control food has over us.

There are hormones in foods for a reason and it’s not just for it to taste good.

Anytime your body starts to crave something out of control that’s how you know your body needs a cleanse.

Nothing should have that much power over you.

It starts within so that it can be reflected outside of you with time and consistency!

The Hey Kilo Cares Cleanse Challenge is step 1.

How far along are you on your cleanse!?

I’m on day 1! I decided to start today. Why wait?

Let’s get it!

I made a huge batch of my veggie broth and veggie soup!

Cut up some celery, apples, and carrots for breakfast this morning and making my Red Clover, turmeric, ginger, and dandelion tea. (Pinch of Cayenne)

What are you guys having?

Pride. Love. Feeling. A rant.

We are so prideful about the wrong shit.

We take offenses way to personally as people.

So, when people apply boundaries or demand your respect outside of the norm of what they are “used to experiencing” from you, they get offended due to their issue of being corrected.

Then it’s, “You’ve changed.” “You’re fake.” “Oh what you think you’re better than me?”

Absolutely not! I don’t think that at all.

What you won’t do is ever make me feel bad about evolving into the direction I’m supposed to go.

You do you.

I’m not telling anyone that my evolution makes them beneath me. If that’s how they feel they are highly mistaken. That’s never my intentions.

Maybe I’m just rubbing something in you that’s wanting to break free from the mask that you are choosing to wear. Soul stirring.

I’m simply being myself and in alignment to the direction The Universe is guiding me.

Your journey is YOUR OWN.

You really don’t have to explain it to anyone just be your own example of the type of World you want to live in.

They’ll get it eventually or die trying or die ignorant.

Whatever floats their boats.

Me? I’m only responsible for my experience here on Earth.

I’m going to LIVE IT the way that I design.

People be like, “Life’s too short to not speak to those that you love.”

Nah, life’s too short to ever have to BEND OR FOLD to feel accepted by those that you love.

I’ll love you from a distance before I’ll EVER bend or fold for your comfort. STILL LOVE YOU! If you ever need me I’m there!

I’m balanced enough to not take distance personally from others when they are along their journey. Some folks think isolation is healing. “Cutting folks off that don’t fuck with you,” is not healing.

Healing is deeper than just letting go.

It’s easy to let something go and attempt to relieve your pain by not feeling anything at all.

Going numb is not healing. It’s a part of the process but you still have a ways to go.

Healing is FEELING EVERYTHING and learning how to FEEL it all without exploding or lashing your pain out on others.

It’s not becoming so emotionally unavailable that you feel nothing at all.

It’s about feeling it all without isolating yourself out of fear of feeling it.

A lot of people are afraid to feel shit and it shows.

A lot of people suffer the consequences of folks being unable to feel every time we say RIP to someone gunned down.

If you are sick of the cycle, the only solution begins in YOU.

Re teach yourself how to feel.

People always saying love is the solution and it is.

How can you love anything, yourself included, if you’re afraid to feel?

You can’t truly love anyone if you’re afraid to feel it.

Love really ain’t hard.

WE make that shit harder than it needs to be.

We make shit way harder.

Yeah life wasn’t handed to our people on a silver platter but we for damn sure take a very long time to realize that we got the power to turn those kibbles into an Entree.

We make this shit harder by refusing to BE.

I’m so done with that.

I don’t know about y’all but I am absolutely done with that.

Been done with it.

Are You Nutritionally Prepared For Anything?

Saw a post recently where Vegans were putting folks down for drinking and eating dairy. I’ve been seeing non meat eaters putting a ton of folks down for doing whatever it is they choose to do.

I want to say the following:

  1. You don’t have to be Vegan/Vegetarian to be healthy.
  2. Your blood pH is what it is it can not be altered or changed based off of diet. You can change the alkalinity of your skin but you can not change or alter your blood.
  3. Your blood absolutely has an affect on how your body supports your digestion as well as aides in the digestive process.
  4. Going cold Turkey on things without preparation typically will cause you to over indulge if you lack consistency and discipline. (Less diet mindset. More lifestyle changes and accountability.)
  5. Raw diary is not bad for you. Raw Milk and products made with raw dairy ingredients is not the issue AS LONG AS YOUR BLOOD is tolerant to it.

You don’t have to be a plant based Almond/Oat/Cashew/Coconut elite and honestly if you’re not making it yourself, it’s still OVERLY PROCESSED no matter what is on the carton.

If you don’t recognize or know what ALL the ingredients are that are listed then it’s over processed.

Oat Milk is easy to make and more eco friendly in comparison to Almond milk. Which is why theirs a slight almond shortage around the World.

Realistically, when it comes to your health & nurtrition, you really need to stop thinking on a thought basis of aesthetics, and moreso on Survival in case these BORDERS REALLY CLOSE US OUT TO THE WORLD. If not will your body be prepared for an adjustment of such if the need to eat differently arises?

Will your current diet support be supported if such a case like that were to happen? Could you grow everything you need to survive? Do you have enough meat replacement protein for yourself and your family?

What about water sources?

Gardening is important.

Fishing is important.

Hunting is important.


We may not know what’s truly is next to come but we for damn sure CAN BE PREPARED.

Be intentional and mindful always. Less dividing and more coming together to support each other!

Perfectly Imperfect

I think the most common thing that’s misunderstood about me is folks think I am perfect or THEY assume that I think I am perfect and I have never thought that.

I just am who I am.

I remember one time someone told me angrily, “You think you’re the Shìt!? You’re not Shìt!”

I told them calmly, “No, you think that I am and through your own issues you wish that I wasn’t.”

Some people hate that what should have broken you didn’t. Simply because they feel broken. And that’s all in their minds.

They fail to see the pains and the darkness that you had to go through to get to these moments of serenity.

To stand tall.

I didn’t run from my darkness I embraced it.

That’s the only difference between me and a lot of you.

Y’all will duck and dodge your flaws and mask them up and constantly seek validation from groups of people who are hiding flaws uglier than yours.

And I walk as I am, flaws and all.

That’s the only difference between me and you.

I am no better than any of you as none of you are better than me or anyone else.

We are all flawed imperfections yet still perfectly in alignment within this imperfectly perfect World.

And our World is just a small fragment of a larger Universe.

But what do I know?

2022 Goodbye Inflammation

Inflammation is a natural response in our body that occurs when tissues are damaged.

To protect the other cells from injury our system releases chemicals to swell the affected tissues in order to isolate those damaged cells from healthy ones.

Sugar acts as glass particles in our bloodstream and as it travels throughout our body it will literally cut and tear us as it’s circulated through your system.

Our body reacts to protect those damage areas by swelling and retaining water around the tear, thus inflammation occurs.

Inflammation in our system can be either Acute (short term) or Chronic ( long term) and will directly affect your Immune System if left untreated and out of control.

YOU can mitigate your body’s inflammation control simply by being INTENTIONAL of what you eat, what you drink, and through movement!

Now Granted when it comes to Alcohol there are plenty of options to drink that has little to no sugar content. However it is still damaging to your internal organs especially your Liver & Kidneys. So, drink intentionally & responsibly.

Don’t wait until 2022 to take power over your cravings.

Start today! Or even tomorrow!

85% Intentional Wellness to 15% doing what you want to do.

It’s all about balance & moderation.

Join the Hey Kilo Cares Free Cleanse Challenge today!

A Few Herbs….

Herbs to Support during Cold/Flu Season:

Rosehips – Are Immunogenic and are high in Vitamin C. They naturally help to support the immune function.

Reishi- Known as the “life long elixir” this immunogenic tonic which increases the production of white blood cells which fight off bacteria and viruses in our bodies while also serving as an adaptogenic herb and relieving and mitigating stress. Honestly I think everyone should
Look into the many benefits of medicinal mushrooms as they are endless!

Violet- Respiratory tract support, digestive support, and lymphatic support, and serves as a heart tonic.

Mullein- This expectorant, mild demulcent and anti inflammatory herb is used to support the lungs by expelling mucous and relieving inflammation within the lungs.

Echinacea- not for anyone that has an autoimmune disease. This herb is immunogenic & antibacterial so it’ll help to activate your immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells which fight off foreign bacterial pathogens and viruses in our system.

Elecampane- One of the greatest tonics for soothing lung conditions such as bronchitis and asthma. Can be used in a decoction or a strip. Has one of the highest sources of inulin of all plant sources. Works as a pectoral, bitter; diuretic, diaphoretic, expectorant, and is one of my favorite alteratives.

There are more herbs, but these are a few that I have grown fond of using for not only myself but for my Clients.

With all herbal remedies it’s important that you adapt to a Nutritional Wellness plan. You can not expect instant results either. I can’t emphasis how it takes consistency to see results.

Some are listed in my Challenge, but to be INTENTIONAL, you have to find what works for you!

Make sure that you are drinking a TON OF WATER, staying in motion rather through exercise or yoga, and alleviating STRESS FACTORS IN YOUR LIFE!

No Quick Fix

Herbal Medicine is a lifelong commitment of consistency and wellness through nutrition.

It’s not a healing process that happens instantly.

It takes time and consistency to see results.

A lot of our ailments are created from our own bad habits.

This is the most important thing that you need to realize.

High Blood Pressure isn’t hereditary.

Diabetes isn’t Hereditary. (No matter what they try to make you believe.)

High Cholesterol isn’t hereditary.

I could go on and on.

Everything can be remedied on a cellular level I am
a witness to that.

You want to be better all you have to be is BE INTENTIONAL about your health and wellness.

This is done through nutrition, exercising, practicing mindfulness, breathe work, eliminating stress factors in your life, reducing voluntary toxins into your system, and supplementing with herbs.


In 2022 I hope people take their health and wellness more seriously. No excuses. No trends. No fades. No desire for quick fixes to their physical appearance and more focus on wellness within mentally & spiritually.

May you glow and continue to grow!

Join my FREE Hey Kilo Cares Cleanse Challenge TODAY!

Link to Challenge!

Get In Motion

Everyone needs to follow Yoga with Adrienne. I literally love her.

She makes yoga super easy, relaxing, and enjoyable.

My good Sis Cierra Thedoula does this too and cough cough needs to get her own Youtube channel going cough cough

A major part of Intentional Wellness is M I N D F U L N E S S and creating new HABITS of self care through meditation, breath work, fitness, and stretching.

I encourage everyone to get into motion and at least 10 minutes a day and watch how better you begin to feel mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I felt so good doing this routine today.

She also has yoga videos for beginners. Even a 30 days of yoga intro that she works with you from beginning poses to more extensive poses by day 30. It’s TRANSFORMATIONAL!

Tea of the Day

Who likes Red Clover Tea?

What’s in my jar today?!

I’m switching it up and preparing for my sacred time of the Month with some Red Clover Tea.

As a diuretic red clover has been known to “purify” the blood by helping our body get rid of access fluids. This makes it great at not only weight loss but healthy skin. (Great tea for anyone who suffers from eczema.)

As an expectorant it helps to clear our lungs of phlegm overproduction and is ideal for anyone suffering asthma or bronchitis.

Because it’s such a great herb for blood flow and circulation, it’s no my ideal for anyone on blood thinners to take this if on prescribed medication to thin blood.

Red Clover is also ideal for anyone experiencing any pre-menopausal symptoms or estrogen deficiency as it contains isoflavones that mimic estrogen. (Consult with your docto prior to taking.)

I’m typically a Nettles girl but my Instructor has convinced me to give red clover a chance and I have a HUGE bag of it. So, let’s try it out:

I’m going to add it to the site as well and it will be available for purchase.

I Get Lost In Science.

Everything is Connected

Take out the spirituality and religious opinionated aspects of our minds and look at Scientific facts.

Our bodies are literally made up of the SAME atoms that the stars and planets are made up of.
That animals are made up of.

Crystals, which are fossilized minerals, contain literally every molecule that exist within the universe in a fossilized, pressure created form. Crystals are so powerful that most of our MANMADE technology that we use contains parts of crystals to even work or function. From thermostats, microwaves, CELL PHONES, computers, etc.

The trees, plants, bodies of water.

You wonder why Oceans SOOTHE you when you are near them? It’s just not nostalgia.


Birds and animals aren’t as conditioned as we are even those in captivity can tell when a storm is coming. Recall how your dogs act once it starts thundering and raining. Zeus gets nervous way before a storm hits. He gets prepared and goes somewhere in the house where he feels safe. Birds outside get out of dodge and take shelter same as squirrels and they get quiet. Before a storm hits animals tend to sit still.

But anyhoots….

We have millions of cells in our body. Each cell depending upon which organ it is assigned to has their own specific job to do.

Our cells thrive when we are supplying our bodies with nutrients that they need to thrive. (Keep telling ya’ll to get CELL SALTS)

You are CELLULAR. You can repair yourself cellularly.

You can also damage your cells and kill them voluntarily by introducing toxins to it.

Cells have their own way of dying and being rebirthed, apoptosis, we don’ need to help them. (Surprisingly had an argument with a wise drunk who argued cells die anyway. So, you just want to keep drinking alcohol to kill the rest off?)

What seems to be a good time is really damaging your tissues thus your cells.

Get pro-active with your health before you are too far gone.

Like if your system is constantly in a state of chaos and your body is constantly in a state of repair due to the damages you keep inflicting on it of course your Immune Systems will be shot to shit. It’s overworked.

There’s not enough seamoss, elderberry syrup, or pokes to help you if your body is overexerted.

That’s why a lot of folks are getting sick with these boosters.

There’s a commercial that airs on a local radio station (103 in KC) at night where they FINALLY emphasis the importance of a balanced life and nutrition in addition to being poked. Which is what I’ve been saying ALL ALONG.

You have to get more intentional with your lives and the choices you make in life from what you eat, what you do, how you think, where you go, who you go with, etc..

You really have to.

End Rant.