The Etymology of the word “sin” dates back to Greece and being a derivative of the Greek word “armatia” which in archery meant “off the mark” or “lacking”. It originally never meant anything pertaining to ones character, lack thereof, or evil. Lately I’ve been studying the etymology of words. Learning to be more conscientious withContinue reading “Sin”

I Hosted My First ClubHouse! Every Wednesday at 12:30pm CST I will host 30 minute pep talks! A little fuel to get you pushed through the rest of the week! A little inspiration to get you hyped and motivated to be you fly, worthy, and amazing self! You’re perfect as you are! You are wise as you are! AndContinue reading “I Hosted My First ClubHouse!”

3 • 6 • 9 01/11/2022

As we are nearing the midnight ultimate manifesting hour! On the day of 1/11/2022. Here is my download for today: To all my Herbalist Friends, Spiritual Healers, and anyone else this may resonate to. Download for Today: I was speaking to my Sis Alexandria Alex’Aleja’ Scherff this morning on how this first quarter within theContinue reading “3 • 6 • 9 01/11/2022”