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  • Triggered

    Triggers hit out of no where. One moment you are feeling on top of the World and then BAM something hits you and you’re back folded into a fetal position unsure what is real or not. Well that is me currently. In a not so tucked fetal position just exhausted and ready to see some […]

  • Prebiotics & Probiotics: What’s the Difference?

    A lot of the foods we eat have complex fibers that our body can not digest on it’s own. (prebiotics) Probiotics are tiny living microbes, bacteria, and yeast that live in our gut and are there to help support our body by aiding the digestive process. They eat prebiotics and help turn the food into […]

  • Healing Journeys

    Healing isn’t about eliminating your Ego and just solely embracing your shadow it’s embracing every aspect of you. Identifying your triggers and their origins accepting them, embracing them, releasing, or finding peace with them. Healing is unconditionally loving yourself and giving yourself grace. It’s controlling your emotional responses to things that bother you or people […]

  • Rise in Autoimmune Disorders post COVID19 Vaccine

    I said sometime in 2020 while we were creating the RemedyKC fair that the virus was going to disrupt not only folks Respiratory System but that it would directly affect folks Endocrine System and Central Nervous System. I got on a Clubhouse and went back and forth with a Doctor in regards to folks getting […]

  • Real Legends

    Mother Dear was LEGENDARY in my eyes. A drop out in the 3rd grade, taught herself how to read and write relocated from the south to the Midwest to help her daughter raise two children. Bought a home here when it was unthinkable for a black woman to do so. She helped raised generations of […]

  • Life

    You ever feel like when you are at a pivotal moment of your life when you know some astronomically amazing shit is about to take off and it’s like that final leg of bullshit obstacles hits you all at once. Now, typically you’d throw in the towel and say, FUCK IT ALL. Yeah, life’s been […]

  • Learn Herbalism With Kilo Sade

    You don’t have to go to an Herbalism Academy or through ANYONE to practice being a Herbalist. Most of the greatest Herbalist I know or studied under were SELF TAUGHT. I invested into myself however because I want to be able to teach and teach BROADLY and ACCURATELY. Not selectively on the few herbs I […]

  • Hey Mama’s, Change Begins Within You!

    Hey Ladies. This blog is just for you. You’re amazing, you’re loved, and you are full of love. This conversation is because Mama’s, you are the hearth of the home. You nurture, you cook, you heal your family, you are the caregiver, and the nurturer. Healing of your home really begins with YOU! By healing […]

  • Mindset

    It’s all mindset for real. You can adjust your mind to believe anything. So, let’s adjust it to focus on what’s healthier and not what’s hindering. Like Butter. People believe butter adds flavor to dishes. When in all actuality it’s the bacteria from butter in your gut leading you to believe this is true because […]

  • Nothing New Under the Sun

    Any time someone tells me my spiritual beliefs are new age I hit them with Historical FACTS. Go look up the Egyptian religion group known as the Copts who were the very first groups of Christians. There were also affiliated with the Druids, and Essenes who also practiced a similar belief structure of ONE GOD […]