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  • Sovereign

    Today’s Download: I have seen a lot. Feel a lot too. I’m at a place now where I can’t afford to tell people things and they don’t take heed. I don’t want to force or speak to people about things unless they are ready. And I’ll know when they are ready to hear it. A […]

  • Support Your Endocrine System!

    Today I want to talk about the importance of the Endocrine System and how supporting it means to support OUR OVERALL WELLNESS! Check it out! Please make sure you like, comment, subscribe, and share!

  • Adaptogenic Herbs

  • Soul Food

    🎶 And this loneliness won’t leave me alone…. 2000 miles I’ve roamed….. just to make this dock my home. Now I’m just gon sit at the dock of the bay. Watching the tiiiideeee roll away. Oooh Wee! Sitting by the dock of the bay. Wasting tiiiimmmmee! 🎶 Me and @daidaiyokuzzin would sing it and have […]