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I wanted to create a space on my site that enlightens you on all types of things that I have a huge interest in. From Astronomy, Astrology, books I’m reading, music I’m vibing to, moon phases and how to work with them, crystals, and so much more!

This is a space where you can unwind and just sit back and learn something new.

Do you work with the Moon? If not, you should!

Manifesting with the Moon and it’s Many Phases

1. New Moon: Call this your blank canvas where you can create a sketch, set your foundation, and make a plan to help you begin to see your vision clearly. Set intentions and begin to discover ways on how you can bring your goals to fruition.

Keywords: New beginnings, setting intentions, letting go, reboot, taking time for yourself, soul-searching.

2. Waxing Crescent: Mindset is key during this phase as you begin to start working towards your goals. Release any self limiting thoughts, patterns, and beliefs. This is also a really good time to focus solely on one or two goals that you’re wanting to achieve that way you can give it your full focus.

Keywords: Manifesting, visualisations, affirmations.

3. First Quarter: Remember your why and remember with patience, dedication, and resilience you can achieve anything. It’s normal to feel like giving up when things aren’t working as fast as you want them. However how often do you appreciate things that happen fast? When you’re manifesting for longevity you need to see the full picture and not something fast and easy. Give yourself grace during the First Quarter and dig deeper into yourself and remember why you are here working toward the goals you have chooses to achieve.

Keywords: Creativity, moving forward, motivation, resistance, navigating obstacles.

4. Waxing Gibbous: Yes, I’m the dweeb that says, “Wax on, Wax off” but the message was so apparent then as it is now. If you want something you have to do the work, be patient, and go harder!

This is where you put your plans into FULL ACTION! No letting off the gas! GO! With consistent effort you will begin to see your goals take shape and transform into more than your kind could imagine! This will further propel you to keep going adding more charge and momentum to your efforts.

Keywords: Refinement, perspective, alignment, trust, action, high energy.

5. Full Moon: Celebrate for you have made it and can now see in full illumination of the Moon all your hard-work has paid off. This is a space for gratitude to yourself, your guides, and the Most High on a job well done!

In addition to this is the energy of reflection and realizing the things that may have attempted to step in your path and block you from greatness. RELEASE anything that doesn’t align.

Keywords: Celebrate, gratitude, reflection, expansion.

6. Waning Gibbous: This is a period of great release. Letting go and clearing out space for the next moon cycle. Reflect over what did and didn’t work and begin clearing a path to what stands in your way rather that’s self limiting ideas or conflicting patterns or habits. Let go and release what is a hindrance to you.

Keywords: Release, receive, appreciate, abundance.

7. Last/Third Quarter: Set boundaries for yourself and others within this moon. As you prepare for the next moon cycle this is a perfect time to set ground rules on how you will prevent or navigate through certain obstacles that you may have encountered this passing moon cycle.

Stand firm on this energy and don’t allow anyone to make you feel like you’re not moving fast enough. Set firm boundaries! This isn’t a race. This is your marathon.

Keywords: Make space, set boundaries, breathe.

8. Waxing Crescent/ Balsamic Moon: Rest is necessary not optional. We are at our best when we take time to ourselves to recharge and ground ourselves! You must take care of you! The Last Quarter Moon is a perfect time for rest, relaxation and self care. Take a nice bath, get some lounging in, do something that makes you feel at peace, loved, and centered. Taking this energy into the next moon cycle is vital to your vitality.

Keywords: Recuperate, self-care, recharge, surrender, reflect.

Learning your chakras is an easy and super beneficial to understanding how healing gemstones can help you on your spiritual journey. There are thousands of healing stones in various shapes and hues and it’s extremely overwhelming attempting to memorize them all by heart. Learning the chakras and understanding how color theory plays a major role to our magnetic field will help you understand how stones help or aid us to find balance.