Love & Light

Love & Light

Hey Ya’ll! I’m Kilo Sade!

Hey Ya’ll!

I’m Kilo Sade!

I’m a Wife and Mother of 11 (Blended Family + Zeus (Our Pitbull) & Danny (Our Beardie).

In the daytime I’m a Mompre-x-ordinairy Herbalist, Jewelry Designer, Painter, Blogger, & Free Spirited Bad Ass.

I live an Intentional Life.

The Universe will adhere to our thoughts, patterns, and projections. Therefore, it can be molded to your will. (Think happy thoughts. in my Tinkerbell voice.)

I live every day in full gratitude. My story, like most, isn’t pretty. But it sure doesn’t define how magical we truly are. Just how we got to our glory!

I’m going to shine my light and encourage other’s to do the same thang!

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