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All starch isn’t bad for you.

Arrowroot is the key ingredient in my Hey Kilo Cares Deodorant.

Did you know that most over the counter deodorants feature Baking Soda?

Did you know how toxic baking soda is to our skin!?

Ever wonder WHY your underarms are discolored from the rest of your skin? Darker even?

Well over times use Baking Soda breaks down the skins barrier and allows entry way for harmful toxins to penetrate through. This breakdown also over time begins to darken your skin.

You can reverse this by using healthier products under your arms that doesn’t feature harmful ingredients like baking soda.

My Hey Kilo Cares Handmade deodorant is made with all natural ingredients that won’t leave your pores filled with toxins!

Comes in the scent of Eucalyptus Lime & Lavender Vanilla.


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Eucalyptus Lime, Lavender Vanilla


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