“As Without, So Within: Living A Life of Accountability & Acceptance” an E- Journal





To be intentional is to acknowledge, accept, and hold ourselves accountable for every aspect of who we are.

So often you will hear folks emphasis killing your ego is the goal of elevation. And through releasing your shadow you’ll be able to connect with your higher self.

I am here to let you know that we don’t need to kill anything off that is who we are.

To suppress or to deny the existence of our entire essence is a disservice to the uniqueness that makes each and every one of us who we are.

We don’t need to kill, nor release, we need to embrace every aspect of our being.

We need to heal every trauma we dive deep and discover, heal the triggered reactions those traumas cause, and only then when we have mastered both our Ego and our Shadow will we truly be able to soar high.

This 50 page colorful self help journal is your way of acknowledging everything that you have encountered from your upbringing, to your Adult relationships, to friendships, and even to the relationship that you have with yourself.

You will dive deep into your core essence and be truthful to your insecurities, your pain, how you react to confrontation, and even determine if you feel you are a great friend or not.

I hope through these exercises you are capable of identifying your shadow side and seeing the power of balance through accepting every aspect of who you are!


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