Hey Kilo Cares Healing Kits




Start your healing journey with the new “Hey Kilo Cares Kit” featuring 6 stones, 1 chakra sage bundle, 1 white sage bundle & a Lavender Soy Candle with Healing stones!

Healing stones included are:

Amethyst: (Crown Chakra) Great for calming our mind against anxious feelings & thoughts.

Rose Quartz: (Heart Chakra) Stone of Compassion & Forgiveness.

Green Aventurine: (Heart Chakra) Aids in healing emotional trauma.

Tiger’s Eye: (Sacral, Solar Plexus & Third Eye Chakras) Provides added strength, confidence and self awareness to you.

Red Jasper: (Root Chakra) Stone of strength & stability. Great Grounding Stone.

Black Obsidian: (Root Chakra) Calming Stone that also serves to protect you against negativity held against you as well as well as regulate negative energies within you in a soothing way to ground and root you. (Must be cleansed often.)


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Weight 16 oz


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