Mercury Retrograde Satchels


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If “Woosah” was a bag, it’ll be this.

Mercury governd communication, your mind, and technology. It is a quick-moving planet that spends only two to three weeks in a sign, unless within retrograde.

During Retrograde, Mercury may appear to be going backwards, but in all actuality Mercury just slows down, and with it communication, technology, and interpersonal relationships take a slow down too!

It’s a frustrating period of time and I’m here to provide you with support and relief with my Mercury Retrograde Satchels.

Supporting you with PEACE OF MIND during this trying time!

STILL avoid making major life changing decisions, don’t sign any contracts, and don’t dump anyone.

These bags help support in a way that provides you with peace during rough communication times, frustrations, and aggravations.

Featuring herbs and healing stones that help to keep you calm, relaxed, and focused.

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