Sacral Waistbead Set



The Sacral Chakra, Svadhisthana, governs our creativity, self expression, sexuality, and our passion (both physical & spiritual.)

located right above our tailbone where our sexual organs are, how we interact with the world/our charisma, is seated here.

When our Sacral is balanced we are abundant outgoing, creative, and fertile. When over active you maybe impulsive and addicted to things that may cause harm (hedonistic and manic) and when blocked you feel hopeless with no creativity, life, or enjoyment.

I was inspired by the healing of my own Sacral Chakra to share this with other women who may benefit from Sunkissed harmony and intentions of worth, love, and passion within and without onto them.

Tiered from Medium & Large, stretch cord. Will fit sizes 25” to 35”


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