Virtual Herbal Actions Class




So, you want to be an herbalist?

You are one! It’s in us naturally.

However, with so many herbs it can be overwhelming understanding how to put together herbal blends. What is this herb for? How does it work with our body? How can it work with other herbs?

This is where Herbal Actions prove to be extremely beneficial.

Understanding herbal actions however and how they support our body has helped me create herbal blends that are both effective and supportive of not only my life but of my clients.

In this Introductory Virtual Class I will break down a few of my favorite Herbal Actions that I work with and more.

You’ll learn about Adaptogens, Nervines, Astringents, Expectorants, and so much more.

Class is an hour and 30 mins and will come with an herbal action cheat sheet.

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