What’s something most people don’t understand? Me

Don’t Take Days off

You only cheat yourself when you make excuses. Period. You’re the only one that is directly affected by the excuses you make. If you want excellence all around in your life, you have to DO THE WORK. Everything that’s yours is yours you just have to reach out and grasp it. I’m convinced that everything…


I really want folks to get back into the practices of studying and research. Don’t just take “expert” opinions to heart when it comes to your life. When it comes to LIFE the best way to see if something is or isn’t for you is through application. Don’t just talk about it BE ABOUT IT….


What activities do you lose yourself in? I’d rather get lost in a book than lost within the World.

Ravenclaws Heaux

What movies or TV series have you watched more than 5 times? Harry Potter is the greatest book and movie series tied with Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I am House Ravenclaw but you all know that! What’s your house?

Breaking Bad…. Habits

What’s one habit that you have that you want to eliminate today? Social Media has always been my guilty pleasure. For hours I would scroll and before you know it time was lost and the whole day has passed me by. While social media can be a great asset for some, it was a social…

My Mother Dear Always Called it “Stupistitious”

Are you superstitious? Ha, I remember it like yesterday. “Don’t be stupistitious Ke.” She’d say to me when I’d skip over cracks because I didn’t want to break my Mother’s back. As a child, I was very stupistitious. Now days I trust my gut. I still allow my gut feeling to determine rather something is…